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OLE (I'DOLE) EVENRUDE - Høy Og Mørk; De Beste (2005)

OLE (I'DOLE) EVENRUDE - Høy Og Mørk; De Beste (2005)
Re-post from years ago because it's out of print and was requested many times. Get it while it's hot.

Norwegian OLE EVENRUDE started his musical creer at the beginning of the '80s with a song included in a local 'unsigned bands' compilation.
At the age of 21, using the alias OLE I'DOLE, released his first album “BLOND OG BILLIG”, sung in Norwegian language.
His second; “POPAGANDA!” (1985), includes the song 'Ayatollah', banned in local radio stations due the controversial lyrics. Even the 7'' single was printed without a cover picture.

Signed by a major label (RCA) and produced by Andy Scott (THE SWEET), the next album “IDOLATOR” (1986) features the hit 'X-Ray Specs', later recorded by the swedes SHA-BOOM and BAI BANG, and by ANDY SCOTT'S SWEET as well.
“THIS OLE TOWN” (1987), produced by Geoff Downes (ASIA, YES), contains Ole's biggest hit: 'This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Both Of Us', a heartful ballad.

OLE (I'DOLE) EVENRUDE - Høy Og Mørk; De Beste (2005) disc photo

His final album (and the best of all by far); “ONE SIZE FITS ALL” (1989), is a true scandi-AOR / MR gem, featuring classics like 'Broken Heart', 'Desperado' and more, skillfully produced by maestro NEIL KERNON (STREETS, KANSAS, DOKKEN, MICHAEL BOLTON).

In the Nineties, Ole become one of Norways' most important artistic producers / songwriters, working with bands such as WIG WAM, SWEDISH EROTICA, TONE NORUM, STAGE DOLLS, BAI BANG, A-HA, and many, many more.

OLE (I'DOLE) EVENRUDE - Høy Og Mørk; De Beste (2005) back cover

This 'Best Of' collection released in 2005 entitled "Høy Og Mørk" (High And Dark?), embraces his entire discography including the earlier songs, but also the great stuff from the second half of the '80s, plus songs only released as singles, and a new remix/recording of 'This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Both Of Us'.
Norway only release, out of print.

01 - Det Va'kke Min Skyld *
02 - Hvis Jeg Var Gud *
03 - Framtidsskrekk *
04 - Space, Action, Sex Og Blo' *
05 - Heltene Er Trette *
06 - Sayonara (single only, 1984)
07 - Ayatollah +
08 - En Og En Er To +
09 - Ann-Helen +
10 - I Natt Er Verden Vår (single only, 1990)
11 - Nature (single only, 1986)
12 - Bad Times' Good For Writin' Songs #
13 - Take A Chance #
14 - This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Both Of Us #
15 - Desperado =
16 - Make My Day =
17 - Broken Heart =
18 - X-Ray Specs (re-recording '89) =
19 - This Town Ain't Big Enough.... [New Version 2000]

* from BLOND OG BILLIG (1983)
+ from POPAGANDA! (1985)
# from THIS OLE TOWN (1987)
= from ONE SIZE FITS ALL (1989)

OLE (I'DOLE) EVENRUDE - Høy Og Mørk; De Beste


T.P said...

For me, Ole Evenrude is inextricably linked with the wonderful and easy to grasp "Desperado", plus the herein featured "Broken Heart". But of course, it might be reasonably assumed that these two catchy tunes aren't the only ones with big potential by this one of a kind Norwegian hot shot; so your re-post will suit me, too! :-)

Bye for now,

beholder said...

Um, isn't it worth mentioning that the guitar player and co-writer is the mighty Trond Holter of Wig Wam, Dream Police, Baby Snakes, Jorn and a dozen other projects...

In the new Millennium Ole alienated most of his old Rock fans by signing up as a judge for Norwegian Idol - but his 80s Music still speaks for itself..

JC_AOR said...

I never heard 'One Size Fits All'. Will give this a listen. Thanks Camel. Cheers. JC