Tuesday, December 03, 2019

SECRET ADMIRER Soundtrack (1985)

SECRET ADMIRER Soundtrack (1985) front
This is a re-post from many years ago as it's heavily requested.
The soundtrack of SECRET ADMIRER never was released on CD and of course, the vinyl is out of print.

Secret Admirer is a good movie, typically '80s and featured a bunch of cool songs.
Now many of these tracks can be found in the performing artists main albums (some remastered), but I've left the vinyl rip as it is, with a good sound.
My expanded version contains the tracks that didn't appear in the official soundtrack, 'Opening Theme' by Jan Hammer and the 3 Autograph songs heard throughout the film.


This record it's so hard to find, that even in the internet a small artwork photo can't be located.
So I made my own cover art based in the original LP sleeve I've seen some time ago - and didn't bought it :(

01 - Jan Hammer - Opening Theme *
02 - Van Stephenson - No Secrets
03 - Tony Carey - The First Day Of Summer
04 - Kim Wilde - The Touch
05 - Don Felder - She's Got a Part Of Me
06 - Van Stephenson - You've Been Lied To Before
07 - Klymaxx - Meeting In The Ladies Room
08 - Nik Kershaw - You Might
09 - Rosemary Butler & Arnold McCuller - Just A Dream Away
10 - Timothy B. Schmit - Leaving It Up To You
11 - Jan Hammer - Finale
12 - Autograph - Take No Prisoners *
13 - Autograph - Deep End *
14 - Autograph - My Girlfriend's Boyfriend Isn't Me *

* Extra tracks, not on the LP

SECRET ADMIRER Soundtrack (1985) HERE


mediahound said...

Thanks for this one! Great to have all the songs on one disc.

EricB69 said...

I still have this soundtrack in Cassette form, but what I am remembering right (or Wrong) is I thought there had been a Music Video to Van Stephenson's No Secrets. I've never been able to find whether I'm remembering right or just a figment of my pot smoked teens...
It was a great score though (R.I.P.Van Stephenson)

Walter Nudo said...

Great, thanks Camel! Good to see you post a bit more lately on this legendary blog....
Rock on

T.P said...

Don Felder's She's Got A Part Of Me belongs to one of my most listened to film music songs, which are unforgettably associated with the Secret Admirer Soundtrack album - the only music medium where you find this cool song had been officially released, I think.

Thanks for the nice reprise (and for going the extra mile with the bonus stuff), Camelblue! :-)

Bye for now,

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Unknown said...

what a great 80's movie..i love it..and the soundtrack is really amazing..thank you 100 times for the link..you're the best!