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NEW FRONTIER - New Frontier (1988)

NEW FRONTIER - New Frontier (1988)

Formed by renowned musicians from the American music industry, NEW FRONTIER cut this one and only, self-titled album in 1988. Despite of being released by a small record label, "New Frontier" smell 'major production' from every corner. There's the great Richie Zito at the producer's chair, also playing additional guitar and keyboards.

Frontman in New Frontier is no other Monty Byrom from AORsters Billy Satellite, on bass Glenn Letsch (Montrose, Gamma, Jonathan Cain Band), keyboardist David Neuhauser (Lance, Eddie Money), and you have contribution from the likes of John Keane, Martin Page, Tommy Funderburk, Timothy B. Schmit, and more.
Impressive cast, and some impressive songs as well.

These musicians have played on countless albums and bands, and varied, different styles. So it's not surprising to find divers tunes on "New Frontier". Overall, the first half (Side A) is melodic rock / AOR / radio friendly with sound ranging from John Waite to Nelson. Then Side B is bluesier, bringing to mind .38 Special more AORish moments.
The song 'I Think About You', written by Michael Bolton & Martin Briley in the early '80s, feels like a Eddie Money song from the era.

With all members busy into several projects / session work / songwriting for other artists id the industry, New Frontier resulted short lived, but leave this easy to ears, melodic album with that '80s imprint all over.

01 - Under Fire
02 - American Dream
03 - Love Is Stronger Than The Heart
04 - Change For The Better
05 - Standing In My Tears
06 - Lonesome Blues
07 - I Think About You
08 - Motel Rain
09 - Burning The Page
10 - Riverboat Man

Monty Byrom: Lead Vocals, Guitars
David Neuhauser: Piano, Hammond B-3, Synths, Vocals
Glenn Letsch: Bass, Vocals
Marc Nelson: Drums
Richie Zito: Additional Guitars, Keyboards
Paulinho Da Costa: Percussion
John Keane: Drums
Larry Williams: Sax on 7
Martin Page: Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Tommy Funderburk, Joe Pizzulo, Timothy B. Schmit, Maxine & Julia Tillman Waters: Backing Vocals

NEW FRONTIER - New Frontier (1988) HERE


T.P said...

How do they say: "All good things come in threes", because with the herein featured New Frontier disc, I count three versions of I Think About You in my collection by now (the other two are a demo song sung by co-writer Michael Bolton himself, and an official release by the band Dalton); even though the New Frontier interpretation offers the most different approach to the song, which nonetheless sounds surprisingly good.

But how can you go wrong anyways with so many veterans of the genre, all of them responsible for a record like the more than pleasant New Frontiers debut from 1988? No way! :-)

Thanks, Camelblue!

Bye for now,