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ONE TO ONE - 1-2-1 (1988)

ONE TO ONE - 1-2-1 (1988) front

Created by Ottawa based songwriter / producer /musician Leslie Howe, ONE TO ONE was a successful '80s Canadian duo completed by female vocalist / songwriter Louise Reny.
Both worked on Alanis Morissette's first two albums and helped to her upcoming stardom.

ONE TO ONE recorded 3 albums, the first more synth-pop oriented, this second effort "1-2-1" in the same vein but adding classy Canadian Hi-Tech lite AOR touches akin Device, Angela And The Rude, Transvision Vamp, etc
Then they released a third and last in the early Nineties changing their name to One 2 One.

"1-2-1" is an entertaining, cool 88's poppy album from the Cancon factory, well composed and produced, techie, but including hot guitar solos and keys.
The catchy first single 'Hold Me Now', 'Not A Love Song' (featuring a rocking guitar solo), the joyful 'Do You Believe', the excellent 'Inside These Eyes', and the fine mid-tempo AORish 'Heading For Zero' are among my favorites.

ONE TO ONE - 1-2-1 (1988) back

Despite of the good sales and nomination for three Juno Awards, ONE TO ONE never impacted into the US market, and all their albums are really hard to find, especially this '1-2-1' CD version.

01 - Hold Me Now
02 - Love Child
03 - We've Got The Power
04 - Do You Believe
05 - Heading For Zero
06 - Inside These Eyes
07 - Victorious
08 - Voices Cry
09 - Life Is So Easy
10 - Not A Love Song

Louise Reny - vocals
Leslie Howe - guitars, synth bass, keyboards, programming
Frank Levin - keyboards

ONE TO ONE - 1-2-1 (1988) HERE