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NICK JAMESON - A Crowd Of One (1986)

NICK JAMESON - A Crowd Of One (1986) full LP
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Perhaps the name NICK JAMESON does not rings any bell on you, but chances are that you may saw / heard him.
He is a prolific actor in Hollywood with more than 100 film credits, still active in the business now mostly as voice-over actor. Although a US native, Jameson has become very well known for his ability to perform in a variety of deceptively authentic accents, particularly British English and Australian.
Among his appearances as main actor role, you'll remember Jameson as a Russian President in Kiefer Sutherland’s TV series '24' in various episodes.

But let's go with the music: Nick Jameson is a musician as well.
In the Seventies, Jameson was part of Foghat, the well known bluesy rock UK act Foghat playing bass and co-producing various albums with them. In 1977 recorded a solo album that disappeared without notice.
By the mid-80s Nick Jameson signed a deal and recorded ten tracks all written / co-written by him and playing almost all instruments. Released in 1986, "A Crowd Of One" was Nick's final solo album.

The LP is mixture of middle '80s sounds and styles ranging from Light AOR numbers, Rock&pop and some Hi-Tech in between. Among the similarities I could mention David Roberts, Tim Feehan, Jack Wagner, Alan Gorrie, Dakota and why not, Mr. Mister.
As proof of this comparison, opening track "Weatherman" was recorded a year later by Jack Warner on his 1987 album 'Don't Give Up Your Day Job' (already presented on this blog).
Then, the track which opens this LP side 2 - "Love's Closing In" - was also featured on the soundtrack to the 1986 film 'A Fine Mess'.
So you have a pretty idea about "A Crowd Of One" sound: gentle, catchy radio-ready songs with an '80s movie soundtrack potential.

NICK JAMESON - A Crowd Of One (1986) back cover

Jameson's vocals are smooth, he is quite skilled on all instruments, and production is very good as the album was released through a major label; Motown. This was a strange association, as Motown never was specialized in Rock-related artists.
As supposed, there wasn't any kind of promotion for "A Crowd Of One", not even dream to be released on CD. Never reissued, the vinyl LP of this album has become a rarity much sought after by collectors.
This is a very nice LP-rip cleaned and de-noised by me.

01 - Weatherman
02 - Bring Your Love To Me
03 - Gonna Hold You Tight
04 - Last Act Of A Desperate Man
05 - Love's Closing In
06 - Wishing My Way Back To You
07 - The Whole Truth
08 - I Don't Know Where I'm Going [The Train Song]
09 - Save Your Heart

Nick Jameson - Vocals, All Instruments
Kim O'Leary - Backing Vocals, Co-producer
Tony Carere, Kim Parks, Jon Marett - Horns
David Andersen - Drums on track 7




thank u for the album!!

T.P said...

Last Act Of A Desperate Man was that kind of song whose lyrics have nothing to do with my own personal living conditions admittedly, but the catchy structure caught me from the very beginning, and so I was longing for more. Finally it arrived in full stereo CSQ (Camelblue Sound Quality)! Thanks for that!

Bye for now,

DEEMON said...

Gracias Camelblue.
Musicas fantasticas e já fazia 2 anos que estava correndo por esse album!

Uma pérola!!