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CHRIS SUTTON - Chris Sutton (1986)

CHRIS SUTTON - Chris Sutton (1986) HQ
CHRIS SUTTON may be a not well known name as solo artist, but this Scottish gentleman - working as multi-purpose musician hired by Polydor and other labels - has wrote and arranged music for major artists such as Starship ('Knee Deep in the Hoopla'), Paul McCartney and George Michael among others.

Primarily, at the mid-Eighties, Polydor UK intended to launch Sutton as solo artist together with Brian Spence and alike to capitalize the radio friendly melodic rock / rock&pop so 'in vogue' at the time.
Recorded in L.A., on his self-titled debut appeared in 1986 Sutton had the opportunity to show his own songs, arranged by masters Robbie Buchanan & Peter Wolf, a bunch of commercial and smooth lite AOR poppy tunes with the typical '80s atmosphere.

Chris Sutton's style is not far from the aforementioned Spence or Jack Wagner, with nuances of several other British / American artists as well. We have a sweet cover of Russ Ballard's classic "Voices", a nice ballad co-penned by Sutton with Starship's collaborator Martin Page (incorrectly credited in the booklet as 'Paige'), the lovely '80s-soundtrack-like "Don't Push Your Love", and a mix of up/midtempo tracks with different degrees of quality.

CHRIS SUTTON - Chris Sutton (1986) back

"Chris Sutton" is a very enjoyable '80s album with nice melodies, really good session musicians (genius Dann Huff plays guitar here), and a polished sound thanks to platinum awarded producer Dennis Lambert (Player, Peter Beckett and countless '80s soundtracks via TuneWorks Inc.).

This rare CD edition includes as bonus the track "The Money Ain't Worth It", originally featured as B-Side of the single "Prince Of Justice" (which extended version 'Justice Mix 7:21' I have been looking for years).
There's copies of this album floating around the web featuring many noises. This a pristine CD-rip made by my friend Alan (thanx mate!).

01 - Trouble
02 - Tell It Like It Is
03 - Prince Of Justice
04 - Voices
05 - (You Just Can't) Tear It From A Heart
06 - Don't Get Me Wrong
07 - You Worry Me
08 - Know It All
09 - That One Love Feeling
10 - Don't Push Your Love
11 - The Money Ain't Worth It [CD only bonus track]

Chris Sutton - Lead & Backing Vocals
Peter Wolf - Keys, Bass, Guitar, Programming
Dann Huff - Guitar
Neil Stubenhaus, Alphonso Johnson - Bass
Mike Baird, Chester Thompson - Drums
Larry Williams - Sax
Robbie Buchanan - Arranger
Gabe Katona - Keyboards
Dennis Lambert - Keyboards, Backing Vocals, Producer


LEE Z - Time Line (1995)

LEE Z - Time Line (1995) full
A curious album this one. Not only for its rarity (as far I know only released in Japan) but for the mixture of styles, yet turning out a consistent and homogeneous piece.
LEE Z is the brainchild of German multi-instrumentalist Thomas Zink, and has been active since 1988 with several line-up changes though. "Time Line" is the band's 2nd album appeared in 1995 (but I think it was recorded in the early '90s), and as said, featuring a captivating mix of Melodic Rock, Hard Rock, AOR and some light progressive arrangements here and there.
But their prog pedigree isn't in the classical vein, the approach is more melodic and personal, with emphasis into the songs structures rather than going all over the place with jam sessions and solos, where the staccato riffs and key changes are encompassed with the tune and the use of keyboard layers add color and substance.

Don't be fooled by the slightly neoclassical style of opener "Up To The Sky". This is the only track in this vein here, and a good one by the way. The double drum attack is in your face, the guitars trepidating and the swirling keys are all over. Think classic '80s Yngwie. Then "Way Of Live" is a syncopated and melodic midtempo rocker in the Queensryche style circa 'Rage For Order'.

The orchestral keyboard intro of "Fancy Dress Ball" turns into a climatic European melodic hard rocker plenty of key changes and big keyboards. "Hands Of Touch" is a moody slow paced AOR track with a nice, catchy refrain. Great vocal arrangement too.
The programmed drums of "Try To Find My Way" don't bother at all, as this is a very commercial 'let's sing together' tune with clean guitars that sounds very 'British'.

"Hold On" is a keyboard driven melodic rock, with lots, lots of keys. Maybe the chorus is a bit weak, but the pace of the track rocks. Now the band offers, again, something different. "Getting Older" is an instrumental featuring a really good guitar work.
Are you waiting for a ballad? "Sad Paradise" arrives... but not your typical one. Starts with a long, climatic keyboard/vocal passage and a 8/8 drum pattern (really uncommon) and then explodes into a passionate legitimate power ballad with a guitar solo inspired by Gary Moore.

LEE Z - Time Line (1995) back

"Don't Wanna Loose My Mind" returns to the melodic rock territory. The catchy, hooky chorus is the 'leitmotiv' of this track. But the band, again, is far to wrote-by-numbers. The middle section features a pace change that reminds me the group Fates Warning, and then returns to the chorus. This kind of arrangements is not easy to do warmly, but on Lee Z's hands this comes flawlessly.
Final track "One Night Love Affair" is another winner. A very British AOR midtempo similar to SHY featuring a superb guitar solo and keyboards.

"Time Line" is a great, pretty unknown album, much better than you can appreciate at first listen. It's clever, varied, well written. You have first rate musicianship, original arrangements and a slick production its indie origin.
Try Lee Z. Try something different. Japan only and out of print.

01 - Up To The Sky
02 - Way Of Live
03 - Fancy Dress Ball
04 - Hands Of Touch
05 - Try To Find My Way
06 - Hold On
07 - Getting Older
08 - Sad Paradise
09 - Don't Wanna Loose My Mind
10 - One Night Love Affair

Peter Pauliks: Vocals
Thomas Zink: Guitars, Keyboards, Synths, Piano
Matthias 'Rethi' Rethmann: Bass, Programming
Andreas Guth: Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Gerald Voss: Drums

LEE Z - Time Line

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AEROSMITH - Fly Away From Here [Japanese Maxi-Single] (2001)

AEROSMITH - Fly Away From Here [Japanese Maxi-Single] (2001) 6 tracks
Featured again as requested. Grab it while it's hot, it won't be re-posted anymore.

The discography of Hard Rock masters AEROSMITH is well known and reachable, but I am posting this rare Japanese maxi-single because it was requested by a reader, and it's really hard to find (out of print).

"Fly Away From Here" was the hit power ballad from the Just Push Play album, featured here in four different versions, being the 'rock mix' and the 'orchestral mix' my favorites.
The really interesting number is "Face", not included into the main album and exclusive to this CDs. Also we find a very good live version of "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" recorded at Cape Canaveral, FL, in 1998.
A collector's item.

1. Fly Away From Here [radio remix edit] (4:25)
2. Fly Away From Here [album version] (5:04)
3. Fly Away From Here [rock mix] (4:25)
4. Face [non-album track] (3:07)
5. Fly Away From Here [orchestral mix] (4:26)
6. I Don't Want To Miss A Thing [live] (5:16)

Steven Tyler – lead vocals
Joe Perry – guitar, backing vocals
Brad Whitford – guitar
Tom Hamilton – bass
Joey Kramer – drums
Jim Cox – piano on "Fly Away From Here"
Paul Santo – Kurzweil on "Fly Away From Here"

AEROSMITH Fly Away From Here 6-track single

OFF COURSE - Back Streets Of Tokyo (1985)

OFF COURSE - Back Streets Of Tokyo (1985) front
Re-posted as requested 'cos it's really hard to find (and good)

Regarded by the Japan press as one of the best native Westcoast AOR groups, OFF COURSE have recorded a handful of albums only released in Asia.
"Back Streets Of Tokyo" is their 'more international' effort, produced & mixed in Los Angeles with PETER WOLF (Chicago, Nielsen-Pearson, Jack Wagner) in front of the table to make them sound more 'Western'. All songs were carefully arranged in the L.A. Session style with some greats involved such as Tom Kelly or Tommy Funderburk (also providing backing vocals).

WHAT IF 1987 Tommy Funderburk

"Back Streets Of Tokyo" is a smooth record were melodies abound, you have nice guitars, pretty good choruses and an overall polished product, wrapped by a pristine mix and production.
Reissued on CD in 1994 - only Japan, again - it has become a hard to find collectors item.

1. Fool (What Does a Fool Do Now)
2. Second Chance
3. Love's Determination
4. Her Pretender
5. Eyes In The Back Of My Heart
6. Melody
7. Love's On Fire
8. Endless Nights

Kazumasa Oda: vocals, keyboards
Hitoshi Shimizu: bass
Jiri Oma: drums, percussion
Kazuhiko Matsuo: guitars
Peter Wolf: keyboards, arrangements, production / mix
Tom Kelly, Tommy Funderburk: backing vocals, arrangements

OFF COURSE Back Streets Of Tokyo HQ

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KERRI ANDERSON - Labyrinth (1991)

KERRI ANDERSON - Labyrinth (1991) front
Requested in "REQUEST & FILL CORNER" section...

Canadian singer / songwriter KERRI ANDERSON released her debut album "Labyrinth" in 1991, a 10-track record pretty varied in style yet always revolving around the melodic rock / pop-rock sound typical of the late '80s. And when I say typical, it means 'typical Canadian'.
Indeed, although there's a clear USA target in the overall production, "Labyrinth" has that unmistakable Canuck feel.

Kerri Anderson not only can sing really fine - she's like a mix of Chrissie Hynde, Robin Beck and Stevie Nicks - but also compose very good, catchy songs.
"Labyrinth" is quite diverse, as heard on the first 4 tracks from the record spanning a meaty melodic rocker ("In The Night"), a radio-ready rock&pop ("Corner Of Life"), an atmospheric ballad ("I Will Disappear") and an elegant FM Rock number in the great opener "Ghosts".

"Without Me" and the haunting title track (not exactly a ballad which starts as a hidden track) blend acoustic and electric guitars cleverly arranged to obtain a nice, warm contrast. Talking about guitars, special mention go to Spencer Sercombe (Shark Island, Michael Schenker) for his, at places, hot six-string work ("Day By Day").

KERRI ANDERSON - Labyrinth (1991) back

Distributed by MCA, "Labyrinth" did well in the US and garnered Kerri Anderson a Canadian Juno nomination in 1992. As far I know, this is Anderson's only major album, but she still performs occasional acoustic shows in his native country.
This is the kind of albums that grows in you with each listen thanks to the strong songwriting, melodic arrangements and solid performances. Production is bright & open, courtesy of expert Randy Nicklaus (Vixen, Shark Island).
Quite Rare.

01 - Ghosts
02 - In The Night
03 - Corner Of Life
04 - I Will Disappear
05 - Angel Says
06 - One Day
07 - Where David Sleeps
08 - Without Me
09 - Day By Day
10 - Labyrinth

Kerri Anderson - vocals, guitar
Spencer Sercombe - lead guitars, backing vocals
Jeff Morrow - keyboards
Don Schiff - bass, chapman stick
Gregg Ellis - drums
Mark Levang, Jim Lang - programming
Lenny Castro - percussion


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