Saturday, July 07, 2007

BABE BLU - Can't Stop Rock N Roll (1987)

Very rare and hard to find EP, never released on CD.
Hard Rock/AOR style.
Tracks 1-2 in the vein of Autograph/party style.Nice songs.
The good thing starts here: "Do you remember", '80 mid-tempo rockin'AOR filled with massive keys.
"Just one night": Giuffria-ish + scandi-AOR vibe, Killer.
Last track is a heartful ballad ala Foreigner, marvelous.
Excellent record!
This is NOT the rip circulating the net.
Crystal clear vinyl rip.
Out of print.

1.Can't Stop Rock N Roll
2.Do What I Want
3.Do You Remember
4.Just One Night
5.Good For You

Michael Whalen - Lead guitar and Lead vocals
Doug James - Bass and lead vocals
Carl Brown - Keyboards
J. T. Williams - Drums

BABE BLU - Can't Stop Rock N Roll



IronSaviour said...

Camelblue, thanx for the better quality rip. Sounds much better than the one i had previously. Keep up the excellent work!!

micksguitar said...

fine,fine post. what a rocker thanx mick.

Unknown said...

muitoooo bom!

banda de alto nivel!

zak said...

Thanks cblue

David said...

muitoooo bom! banda de alto nivel!

Rolland Corum said...

muitoooo bom! banda de alto nivel!

Anonymous said...

the download is no longer there. can you update, please....

Camelblue said...


Elves Ribeiro said...

Babe Blu - Demos 88

01 State of passion
02 Take me to the river
03 Back on the street
04 Burnin' with fire

Unknown said...

Hey. I would love a copy of that demo if you have it. Please reply.
JT Williams (original former drummer for Babe Blu)

Thanatos® said...

Please, I have searched for that demo (88) for many years...