Wednesday, July 11, 2007

PETE SANDBERG'S JADE - Origin (2001)

Second album of Sandberg's project "Jade".
This is a recording of old tunes written by Pete in the 80's, so this tracklist has the feel and vibe typical of that era. His 1st is fantastic, but this is superb.
The album contains really mature first-class classic Scandinavian AOR songs with plenty of great hooks, sweet higher pitched vocals and an equal mix of melodic guitars and keyboards. The songwriting is great with cheerful choruses.
Out of print as far I know. Recommended.

1. Northern Light 4:07
2. Time 3:42
3. No Way Out 4:19
4. Love in Vain 4:03
5. Power of Gold 3:19
6. Where There Is a Will 3:10
7. Time and Again 4:26
8. Nights in Mexico 5:38
9. Can't Stop Lovin' You 3:40
10. Alone 3:19
11. All in Disguise 4:10
12. Moods (instrumental) 4:23
13. Me and My Piano (acoustic jam) 2:58

Pete Sandberg - Vocals
J. Birch - Guitars
Joakim 'Jocke' Sandin - Bass
Johan Helgesson - Drums
Additional musicians:
Jonas Reingold - Bass, Backing vocals
Jaime Salazar - Drums
Produced, engineered and mixed by
Anders 'Theo' Theander (Midnight Sun)



Anonymous said...

Many thanks for this great album.

Superb AOR.


Anonymous said...

gracias camel, bajando todos los de sandberg!

Anonymous said...

do you have the back cover

micksguitar said...

thanx you very much. .

Boisvertjdwm said...

do you have the back cover

Camelblue said...

@ Boisvertjdwm :
Get it here;