Saturday, July 14, 2007

SNAKE CHARMER - Smoke And Mirrors (1993)

SNAKE CHARMER - Smoke And Mirrors (1993) front
Snake Charmer is a swedish band formed by bassplayer Per Stadin (Silver Mountain) in 1991.
With drummer Anders Johansson (Hammerfall, Yngwie M.), guitarist Jörg Fischer (Accept) and Pete Sandberg (Alien, Madison, Midnight Sun) on vocals the band was complete.
After a while Jörg decided to continue with his own band, so they finally found Sven Cirnski as guitar replacement.

The music goes in the AOR vein mixed with traditional Hard Rock and can be compared with Bands like Alien, Madison and Co.
Nice rockers and heartful ballads. The record ends with a very good version of Beatles' "Eleanor Rigby".
Every AOR fan of Pete Sandberg albums can nothing do wrong having this.
If you like it, BUY IT.

1. Worlds Apart
2. Runnin' On Empty
3. Middle of Nowhere
4. Heart on Hold
5. Highway of Love
6. Teaser, Pleaser
7. Like an Arrow
8. Stone Cold
9. Alone Without You
10. Eleanor Rigby

Pete Sandberg vocals
Sven Cirnski guitars
Per Stadin bass
Anders Johansson drums

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