Monday, July 16, 2007

PETE SANDBERG - Back In Business (1998)

Asian Version 1998, 13 tracks + 1 bonus
PETE SANDBERG - Back In Business
Another essential album for Pete's fans and good rock music around.
This album mixes Hard + Melodic Rock with AOR and in some places, rockin' pop touches.
Some outstanding tracks, 'Little Lover' perfectly crafted, the melodic rock driven 'Cold hearted woman' (can't stop singing this song!), and 'Stay a while', a heartful ballad.
As a bonus myself added, the unpublished 'Goddess Of Love', recorded live acoustic at the Hard Rock Cafe, Copenhagen, Denmark 2003-01-12, a collector's item.
Pete is a GREAT artist, unknown to the major audience, if you like his work and find it, BUY IT.

1. When The Night Comes 3:43
2. Little Lover 3:12
3. Stay A While 3:46
4. Pretty Angel 4:17
5. Big Bad Rap 4:00
6. Babe 3:52
7. River Of Tears 5:06
8. A December Monday 3:48
9. Cold Hearted Woman 4:41
10. Scared 5:18
11. Unchain Your Heart 4:48
12. Closer To Heaven 4:25
13. Need Your Lovin' 4:21
14. Goddess Of Love 3:13 (BONUS-Non Album Track)

Pete Sandberg Vocals
Fredrik Bergengren Guitars
Stanley Hawk Guitar
Patrik Alm Bass
Carl Colt Drums Percussion
Tommy Falk Keyboards Organ
Johan Stentorp Keyboards
Thomas Nyberg Backing Vocals
Jonas Sandquist Backing Vocals
Johan Dahlstrom Backing Vocals

PETE SANDBERG Back In Business


Juan said...

Please!...Lyric of Cold Hearted Woman!!!!..please!..thanks :)