Monday, July 02, 2007

ZENO - Zenology I (1995)

ZENO - Zenology
Awesome melodic hard rock / AOR album.
I you like European style and FAIR WARNING (Ritgen & Engelke are FW members) must have this album.
The first 4 tracks alone worth the download, pure melodic hurricanes with massive choruses.
A Must Have.
Reissued in 1998, if you like it, BUY IT.

1. Heat of Emotion 3:52
2. Is It Love 3:45
3. Together 4:23
4. Surviving the Night 3:52
5. In the Dark 4:24
6. Let There Be Heaven 4:26
7. Man on the Run 4:28
8. Out in the Night 4:38
9. You Got Me Down 3:47
10. Ticket to Nowhere 3:28
11. In Love With an Angel 4:50
12. Crystal Dreams 3:14

Michael Flexig vocals
U. Winsomie Ritgen bass
Zeno Roth bass, guitar, keyboards
Helge Engelke bass, keyboards, vocals
Rainer Przywara keyboards



Anonymous said...

Hi.... this is a great album, I love the ones with Michael flexig and Tommy Heart...... Heat of Emotion, Surviving the Night and Out in the night are the best!!....GREAT ALBUM!

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