Tuesday, May 05, 2009

FSB (ФСБ) - Single Collection (2001)

The Camy Todorow post remind me another great band from Bulgary.
FSB (ФСБ) is a lengendary group whom have played all styles through the years: prog, classic rock, Rock&Pop, AOR.
Formed in the early 70s, in the past 30 years they have released about 20 albums.
Their '83 - '92 era is my favourite, with songs sounding like TOTO in places, ASIA, AGENT (listen the 1st track), etc.
I brought you here a 'singles' compilation, very good songs.
Don't miss this excellent band.
Highly Recommended

01 - Wolf Winter ('93)
02 - The Last Man (new track 2001)
03 - High Above [Visoko] ('92 short version)
04 - No Other Way ('89)
05 - Composer (prev. unreleased)
06 - Both Hands Extended ('90)
07 - Illusion
('83) [English version]
08 - We Shall Embrace Again ('83) [English version]

Rumen Boyadzhiev - vocals, keyboards
Konstantin Tsekov - keyboards, vocals
Ivan Lechev - guitar
Petar Slavov - drums
Ivaylo Kraychovski - bass



Freeman said...

Must try.

Thank you for recommendation, Camelblue.

Anonymous said...

You should also try some ROMANIAN 80's AOR. The albums of 1988-89 are very good. Sounds like Scandi-Aor.
The Romanian band is HOLOGRAF.


Camelblue said...

Oh yeah.
I know HOLOGRAF very well.
Got many albums, my fav. is 'World full of lies' and '3'.
Thanx for your recommendation.
Keep posting comments!

ariedam said...

Yes... Holograf is very good.
The album "3" would be a good post at EOTW, mi amigo. lol

Congrats for this great blog!!!!!

Camelblue said...

You can download from Holograf's official site the first 4 albums for free:

Stanley said...

Hi, please reup the link