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SHEELA - Straight Hearted Ones (2000)

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Thank You Very Much!
I was completely unaware of this German band, and I had a pleasant surprise.
Musically diverse, basically Melodic Hard Rock & AOR, but incorporating some semi-prog arrangements.
Ambitious project, different, not songs-by-numbers at all.
The band takes you by surprise track after track.
Just to name a few, title track is an exciting melodic tour de force, filled with great guitars.
Blind Faith's "Can't Find My Way Home" (also recorded by House Of Lords), has a special treatment, smooth and effective.
"Truth" isn't the typically ballad, dense and obscure.
"Call It Desperation" is a killer, straight to your head smokin' track.
The bonus it's a very funny yourself which song it is (a famous one).
Overall, a very good album, innovative and original.
Tight performances and seamless production.

1. Again Now
2. Power
3. Symbols Breakdown
4. Straight Hearted Ones
5. Lightyears
6. The Focus
7. Can't Find My Way Home *
8. Truth
9. Call it Desperation
10. Feed Your Heart *
11. Cut Off
12. Hold Your Head Up High
13. B.T.B.W. (bonus track)

Andreas Keppler: vocals
Chris Moser: guitar
Reiner Backe: bass
Jacky Voutay: drums
Markus Teske: keyboards
Michael Sadler (SAGA): guest vocals on *



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