Monday, May 25, 2009

WINNER - Do You Remember (2009)

Brazil is growing in the AOR / Melodic Rock territory.
This new band just recorded this self-produced CDR with very, very good songs.
Classic songwriting, melodious, full of keys and power guitars.
Love the choruses, and the lead vocals fits this style perfectly.
Check this VERY promising band, support them and leave a message:

They deserve a major label release!

01 - Far away from love
02 - Gimme your hands
03 - In the night
04 - Do you remember
05 - Dreamer
06 - Into the fire
07 - Sometimes
08 - Shine now

Jon Sunna : Vocals, guitars, keyboards
Giovanni Carvalho : Lead guitar
Caco Bragança : Bass
Junior : Drums
Tikim : Keyboards & Production



Alex from Brazil said...

Wowwww. I'm from Brazil too and i don't know this band. Thanx for the surprise. I'll check it out. Excuse my bad english. I'm still learning.

Camelblue said...

You are welcome Alex. Don't worry,your english is better than mine...
Mina Gerais band, muito bom!

Anonymous said...

Yeah!!! I'm from brazil too, and never heard about this band...
Very nice. Thank You!!!

Thiago said...

Wow!!! I love this band. Pure AOR.

There are other great AOR band here in Brazil. It called Highest Dream and is perfect!

Listen here:

Anonymous said...

I like some AOR; only the good, I won´t listen to something just because it´s AOR. And this is not a good one. It´s boring. I´m sorry, I´m just being honest.

Camelblue said...

Appreciated comment.
Just express yourself, you like it or not.

aorheart said...

great and very rare album !!!

many thanks !!!


sou brasileiro e vou comentar em portugues claro.Eu gosto de algumas bandas de aor,apesar de preferir melodico,mas juro e vou concordar com muitos aqui e com a maioria que nunca ouvi nada tao perfeito assim no brasil.Nem na epoca de ouro quando tinhamos platina,taffo etc.Hoje nos meus quase 50 anos,Winner de fato é uma surpresa,uma novidade que demorou a acontecer.Sucesso pra eles porq ta brilhante o cd.ORGGULHO BRASILEIRO!!!

Juba.San said...

Kick-ass AOR MADE IN BRAZIL, for sure. I met Jon a couple of years ago and it's thrillin' to see a band shinin' in a style so underrated in Brazil. This Friday I'm gonna post an interview with Jon on my blog - - ...drop by and check it out. I'll be waiting for you there, Camel...hahaha...Gonzaloaor also visits sometimes. E para os amigos do Brazil, o convite tá feito. Apareçam e serão todos muito bem-vindos, todos os amantes dos bons sons. Rock on...

JON SUNNA said...

Hi!!! Thanks 4 all!!
I'm jon suna, lead singer of the band winner. Contacts via facebook