Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Soundtrack : LOVELINES (1984)

This is a curious movie.
Despite being a musical movie (a competition between bands) , the soundtrack never was released.

Not even has a DVD edition.

A lot of good melodic-lite-AOR tunes can be heard, with all the mid 80's feel, all unreleased.

I have ripped all the songs (VHS > wav > mp3) and discarded the dialogue parts, resulting pretty good soundfiles, stereo all of them.

A rarity.

1 - Racer : For You
2 - Souvenir : Lovelines

3 - The Firecats : Totally Gone

4 - Racer & The Firecats : Defyin' Gravity

5 - Brittany : Reflex



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excellent.. thanks!

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Thanks for sharing!!!

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Thanks for all!! Great OST.

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great post! as always.Thanks

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You are the best my friend - thanks once gain for a great rip.


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Another awesome work from my friend!!!!
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Thanx for your kindly comments rm.
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