Wednesday, August 19, 2009

CHAPTER - Open The Book (1987)

Unknown USA band, playing Pomp AOR that sounds like a 83-84 recording.
Their style remember me bands like SAGA and alikes, and why not; MARILLON.
But you can perceive they're an american band.
The big shot here are the keyboards, veeery pomp, you know what I mean; a lot of analog stuff...
I don't like the guitar sound though, but the player isn't bad at all.

Interesting songwriting, far from this genre's typical mould. I love the title track, a real tour de force counterpoint.
Todd Rundgren plays guest guitar in one track.

Private release, quite well produced and recorded.
Only vinyl, restored by myself for your listening pleasure.
A rarity.

01 - I Got Your Number
02 - You Want It You Got It
03 - Euphoria
04 - Factory Drum
05 - Place In Time
06 - Watching You
07 - Open The Book
08 - Here I Am
09 - Listen

Steve Porter - Bass, vocals
Doug Ott - Guitar, vocals
Jordan Leaver - Keyboards
Ed Jamieson - Drums

CHAPTER - Open The Book


jose l. said...

Any chance to get Visitor Same (1980) and Take it(1984) LP's, VXN - Same (1985) and Level - Same (1982).Thanks in advance and congratulations for so terrific blog.A dream for aor/melodic rock aficionados.

Thiago said...

Thanks for the posting! Hugs from Brazil!


Jeff Skipper said...

Doug Ott went on to form Enchant - a fantastic prog band.