Thursday, August 13, 2009

THE MUGGS - Rockin' In The Midnight Light (1985)

One and only album released by this California based band (not to be confused with the blues group of the same name).
We can find here some enjoyable AOR tunes, uptempo rockers with classic keyboard lines.
The best for me is the opener "Run For Your Life", that kind of songs deserving the hit status. A mix between SURVIVOR / AVIATOR / PRISM sound, with a thrilling chorus.
Title track is another winner, a very good pomp-rocker.

Obscure private release, only vinyl, restored by myself, including artwork.
Mid 80's AOR rockers; don't miss this one if you like AVIATOR, CHARLIE, QWEST, THE CAUZE, PRISM, etc.

1. Run for your life
2. Don't let go
3. No way to hide
4. I don't want to say goodbye
5. I can't sleep at night
6. Rockin' in the midnight light
7. Wire tappin'
8. Jungle
9. Matter of fact
10. Comeback

Lance - Lead vocals, guitars
Desiree - Keyboards, vocals
Bob - Bass, vocals
Blaine - Drums, percussion
Robert Irving - Synthesizer
Tro - Backing vocals

THE MUGGS - Rockin' In The Midnight Light


Anonymous said...

no los conozco pero ahi lo bajo.

gracias y saludos

kheL - SP

Anonymous said...

i am the grandson of bob the bassist

Anonymous said...

I caught the Muggs in 1986 at the Calgary Stampede, They really rocked! I even bought a cassette tape they were selling there. Unfortuanately, I cant find it. My favorite song was the one that was abouth the jungle animals. "A Lion looked at me and said, come join us if you so desire."

Mid Rare said...

I am selling a copy of this record on discogs I just added it to their library

Darnellgchf said...

I am selling a copy of this record on discogs I just added it to their library

Andrew Dorscht said...

Rockin' In The Midnight Light was not their only album. I have a collection of their music on cassettes. They made about five albums. *The song about jungle animals was called Jungle.

Camelblue said...