Monday, August 10, 2009

BREAK POINT - First Serving (1979)

Let's go back in time for a moment...
Break Point come to life in the late 70's in Germany.
They were, however, a german/anglo/american band.
Recorded in Frankfurt in one month, and sold at the band's shows only.
This is a classic AOR / Pomp album, typical american sound like ROADMASTER, ALLIANCE, STYX, earlier TOTO.
Very good production for an indie, excellent vocals and accomplished instrumentation.
Doesn't sounds dated at all, trust me.
The best track for me is "The Wurst Song", love the keyboards and vocal performance.
Other goodies: "Hard Road" , "The Best Of Me" , "Down, Down, Down".

Bonus tracks are fine too.
By 1983, lead vocalist Daved Hallcom left the band.
Replaced by english frontman Steve Tolley, they went to studio to record a 4 track demo to negotiate a record deal, but the band parted ways soon after.
A good listen, taste it.

1 - Never Be That Way
2 - The Best Of Me
3 - Lifetime
4 - Down, Down, Down
5 - Hard Road
6 - French Fried Kiss
7 - Front Row Girl
8 - The Wurst Song
9 - Rockin', Rollin'
10 - Sign Your Life Away*
11 - In My Mind*
12 - Fallin' In Love Again*
13 - Trust Your Mind*

Daved Hallcom - Lead vocals
Trevor Johnson - Lead guitars
Martin Gerschwitz - Keyboards
James Stacy - Bass, Lead guitars
Mario Gerhards - Drums, percussion
Steven Tolley - Lead vocals and guitars on bonus tracks*



Mara Bunta said...

Muy bueno, gracias Camel ;)

Anonymous said...

Awsome group great vocals and guitars a must for any AOR fan !!!

Hill said...

Muy bueno, gracias Camel ;)

Tom Kamont said...

I saw this band in the 80's at the NCO club in Germany.

They rocked!!! I have a fully signed album, also have some very candid pictures.

Always wondered where they ended up..

Unknown said...

Can you please re up it?