Tuesday, August 25, 2009

RICK SPRINGFIELD - Missing Shots [unreleased]

RICK SPRINGFIELD - Missing Shots unreleased
Any AOR fan should know Rick Springfield's career.
His 80's albums like "TAO" or "Rock Of Life" remains amongst the classic stylized hi-tech / Rock&Pop / AOR stuff of that time.
Grammy award winner and top 40 hitmaker, the man is a prolific songwriter.
Many of his recordings are still shelved, some in demo mode, some practically finished.

I've compiled some time ago a bunch of these 'missing shots' (demos, unreleased, alt. takes, plus a rare b-side) all songs with very good sound.
Myself made artwork included.

01 - Monkey (Sahara Snow unreleased)

02 - The Language Of Love (Rock Of Life single B-side)

03 - Faithful (unreleased version)

04 - Desperate Lives (TV movie soundtrack / vinyl fan club only)

05 - Stand Up For Love (demo - unreleased track)

06 - Veronica's Head (demo version)

07 - In Her White Room (demo version)

08 - My Depression (demo version)

09 - This I Promise You For Life (rare duet with Maggie Brandon)

MISSING SHOTS Updated here


Thiago said...

I love Rick Springfield, mainly the song "The Power of Love", from album "TAO" (1985).

Thanks for posting this rarity.

See ya

Hugs from Brazil

skyttekungen said...

awesome post

Dazaor said...

Nice post mate from the greatest pop rock artist of all time. I did a comp a few years ago with around 22 tracks. If you're missing any, let me know.

GuitarheroAndy said...

Wow!!!! I'm a huge Rick Springfield fan so this is a fabulous download!! Many thanks for posting!

Unknown said...

Downloading now.. and I think I'll make a collection of some unreleased/leftover aor songs soon, for the blog.

Anonymous said...

better late than never

t.ro said...

amazing post - thanks for putting this together and sharing!

Mark said...

A great post for those who can't afford the Limited Editions of S/D/A/A & Yesterday! Many thanks for these great Rick tracks...

Anonymous said...

What a terrific post! Thank you so much. The man is just so talented. I LOVE the song "Faithful". I've heard the recorded one, but this is amazing! Kind of fun hearing the missing songs; hope they all appear on future Rick Springfield cds. His latest Venus in Overdrive was a great combo of pop, contemporary and rock. Thanks again - these are great.

Anonymous said...

This really good compilation.

As an immense fan of RS living in France, I m glad thx to internet to get all his songs little by little (the songs I couldnt buy in cds, really hard here as he isnt known), in priority unreleased from 80's (my fav time of music)

Howewer, after long searchs, some songs lack to my collection :
so if anyone have and can post the upload link here ><><><><> im looking for the 1974 unreleased RS albums songs (fire brigade, moments...)==Dirty talks, nobody but you, television, Rhythm of love, rhythm of the beat, havent I been good to you, human sea, love screw me up==Brother in arms, Why don't you dance, love receiver, forever==EFX performance ...

Camelblue said...

Glad you like it, french man.
I don't know about the tracks you mentioned (try to be more specific... what is 'EFX performance'?)

Anyway, if you are a forbid Rick collector maybe you need this one:
"Mission Magic" was a short-lived children's cartoon series from the early 70's.
At the end of each episode was a song, all written and performed by Rick Springfield.
Pretty rare. Released in 1974.
Get it here:

Anonymous said...

I bought the really cool soundtrack of Mission Magic few years ago on amazon (even if I ve never seen the show ;-) )

I didnt want to be too specific not to write thousands of words :P :
I read from very complete fans site that he recorded an album in 1974 which would be eponymous or called something like "fire brigade"

The songs I listed are unrealeased from 1981 to 1997+ ("human sea" in on youtube) ; and I read EFX is an MGM las vegas "stage" show he played around 2001/02 so I wanted to see any clips of the event/songs performed.

So as I really search deeply in the net without finding a way to DL the songs (I was even ready to pay on itunes/amazon... for each songs but I cant afford the ltd edition albums sold on RS merch) Im asking here where I found "Stand up for love" I really love and had never heard (contrary to others whose only language of love was available to DL)
cuz I wondered if u had more (as I already cant imagine how u got the ones composing missing shot compil !)

Really Thx for having replyed that quick. Good to know the blog is update and we are in touch !

Mark said...

This site here lists most of his rare tracks
I think the ones you are after are only on the Limited Edition albums from his website. I think they are on 'sale' at the moment, as they are near the end of the run. Maybe someone will blog them eventually. Copies sometimes pop up on eBay...

Anonymous said...

Yep u right most of the tracks Im looking for are on limited edition of SDAA and The Day After Yesterday (with DVD disk 3 of EFX alive)
But it's really expensive (I must add at least twice the price to import = transportation and eventual custom taxes where I live)and I really don't have interest in buying SDAA again and TDAY is for me not good cover album by RS (I must admit, dont be mad ;-))

Well so, if any got those limited edition, it d be great to share the bonus track by posting on megaupload or rapidshare and then tell us of course

Freeman said...

Thank for this RARE job, Camelblue.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic boot!
Thank you very much for sharing with us!

Bridget Kronenberger said...

I went to grab this download and the file is gone..Do you have it still?

Camelblue said...