Wednesday, August 19, 2009

O'RYAN - Initiate (1995)

O'Ryan is the pseudonym of vocalist Mervyn Spence.
Hope you've already listened his first album "Something Strong" posted in this humble site near 2 years ago.
A real classic AOR gem.

Talented musician, arranger and producer, also founder of FACE FACE (one of the best AOR outfits of the 90's).

During the golden decade he was involved in the superb project PHENOMENA (as songwriter, performer & executive producer).
Seems there was some sort of problem between him and Tom Galley (the half brain of the endeavour) after the release of the third & last Phenomena album.
Spence then decided re-record some of these songs himself, under his moniker.
This album consists of 7 covers from the Phenomena and Phenomena II albums, plus some re-recorded versions of tracks from his previous solo album.

The Phenomena songs covered here are fairly faithful to the originals, but some have a very good classical guitar arrangements, giving fresh air to them.
Smooth vocal performance, strong and rough when needed ("Stop"), to mellow and poppy ("Emer May").

Anyone who likes quality AOR music won't be disappointed with any song here, all well written & produced.
Thanx to troy for the links.
Japan only release, Out Of Print.

1. No Retreat - No Surrender
2. Still The Night
3. A Whole Lot Of Love
4. Believe
5. Emer May
6. Did It All For Love
7. Something Strong
8. Shape It Up
9. What About Love
10. Phoenix Rising
11. Don't Let It Slip Away
12. It Must Be Love
13. Stop

Mervyn "O'Ryan" Spence - lead vocals, guitars, bass, programming
Jason Fillingham - keyboards, programming
Martin Taylor - guitar, classical guitar
Huwie Lucas - guitars
Midi Man - drums
Carl Brazil - cymbals, hi hats

Produced by Mervyn Spence

O'RYAN - Initiate


Thiago said...

I love O'Ryan! It's pure AOR.

Thanks for posting this.

Hugs from Brazil