Monday, September 28, 2009

IAN THOMAS - The Runner (1981)

IAN THOMAS - The Runner
Canadian musician and composer, Thomas has recorded several albums in the 70's and 80's.
His best disc in my opinion, is posted HERE

This one, 'The Runner', is the first of his 80's style albums, and it's great too; Adult Contemporary Music, Westcoast and with AOR hints, Thomas has a unique style, lush & melodic.
Just check in example the track "Freefall In Stardust"; that is Ian style. Distinctive...
Call me nuts, but his work reminds me a laidback Van Stephenson...

Certified gold, "The Runner" spawned 3 singles which had lengthy stays on radio's playlists. All 3 were covered by other groups as well: Mannfred Mann re-did the title track, while Santana gained critical success with "Hold On", as did Chicago with their cover of "Chains".

This is a seriously quality album, solid and organic, after a repeated listens you'll love it.Never released on CD, the file is a pristine vinyl rip by my canadian friend Scott. Thanx man!

01 - Hold On
02 - Stringin' A Line
03 - Chains
04 - Embers From The Fire
05 - When I Need Someone
06 - Borrowed Time
07 - I Am The One
08 - Goner
09 - Freefall In Stardust
10 - The Runner

Lead Vocals : Ian Thomas
Guitars : Ian Thomas, John Zaslow
Bass : Peter Cardinali, Steve Hogg
Keyboards : Hugh Syme, Ian Thomas
Drums : Jorn Andersen
Percussion : Dick Smith, Ian Thomas
Saxophone : John Johnson
Background vocals : Hugh Syme

IAN THOMAS - The Runner



Anonymous said...

Thanks for adding this. It's really hard to find any Ian Thomas album anywhere.

Grogwort said...

Forgot about this classic. Thanks!

I have "Add Water" and "Riders On Dark Horses" on vinyl, but haven't got around to ripping them. Thought I might find them online, but no such luck so far. Guess, I need to get my ass in gear and give some back. :)

Anonymous said...

i´ve been looking for many years for this album. thanks a lot and keep fingers crossed, i´ll get my copy someday.

hirosh58 said...

Happened to know that "The Runner" of Mannfred Mann's EB was written by this artist, and searched for the original.
One google search led me to this site and the material on the album is JUST AMAZING.
"Hold On" is covered by Santana, and here is the original as well
If you're a fan of g.ood/old 80s music, just take a listen, believe me.
Thanks a lot, guys

Camelblue said...

@ hirosh58 :
You're welcome...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. Interested to hear Stringin a Line as Jon Bon Jovi covered this song.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Long time Ian Thomas fan.

cuirsex said...

wouldnt buy cds ian thomas once burned twice shy but heres your marketplace