Saturday, November 21, 2009

HAROLD FALTERMEYER - Top Gun score [unreleased] (1986)

As you may know, this is not a movie score music blog.
This will be the only one ever posted here, because it's special.
It belongs to the # 1 icon movie of the eighties, and remains unpublished.

Harold Faltermeyer's score couldn't have complimented the film any better.
His work defined the 80's style of action scoring, heavily synthesized, tuneful and rhythmic.
It was years ahead of everything in it's genre for the time.
This music score was the first to be performed and recorded DDD on the polyphonic 16 bit stereo Synclavier Digital Music System.

The project started jointly with Giorgio Moroder, with the idea to also compose catchy AOR / arena rock songs to complement the incidental music.
But Faltermeyer left the project (apparently due to differences with producer JB) and the Top Gun score incomplete. That's why never was released.
Some tracks were re-recorded for the film, but Harold's takes are far better.

I've made my own version of this score.
Sources vary; most of them from a very rare big Harold demo folder I own, containing true gems like rock&pop songs used in different OST and never released in any format, rejected scores, amazing demos and the aforementioned Top Gun unreleased score.
Also some tracks ripped (not by me) from the 5.1 DVD version of the movie.
Not included here any song / version present in the official V.A. soundtrack. Just the unreleased stuff.
As bonus, Giorgio Moroder's 'Radar Radio', the first song playing on the jukebox at the end of the film, song only appeared as b-side of the movie promo vinyl single 'Take My Breath Away' by the band Berlin.

There's a CD bootleg release of this soundtrack (german I think), but miss many songs.
Recently I've seen another double-boot on eBay, including my 'Radar Radio' rip! (posted in my AOR Treasures Vol.10 compilation).
Hope you enjoy my version, I didn't followed the movie's sequence, my tracklist order is just according to my taste.
Some track names may differ from the bootlegs, like 'Flying Again' = 'Get Back In The Saddle', 'New Mission = Mission Briefing', etc.
That's how they are labeled in my archives.

All tracks are original 320 Kbps files.
Artwork designed by me included.

01 - Opening Theme (2:39)
02 - MIG 28's (1:42)
03 - Viper's Dog Fight (2:08)
04 - Flying Again (3:20)
05 - Duke Mitchell's Story (1:09)
06 - Goose's Death / Goodbye Goose (1:49)
07 - Negative G Pushover (3:22)
08 - Who's Side Are You On / Never Again (3:30)
09 - Top Gun Anthem [film version] (3:45)
10 - Dog Fight #3 (2:38)
11 - Mighty Wings [instrumental] (1:40)
12 - Still Awake / Can't Sleep (2:07)
13 - Take My Breath Away [instrumental] (1:40)
14 - MIG's Dead Ahead (3:00)
15 - Flat Spin (4:26)
16 - New Mission (2:28)
17 - Memories (2:50)
18 - Great Balls Of Fire [demo] (2:33)
19 - Radar Radio [G. Moroder feat. Joe Pizzulo] (3:38)



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This should be good,thanx alot mate

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It is rather interesting for me to read this blog. Thanx for it. I like such themes and everything that is connected to this matter. I would like to read more on that blog soon.

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This is awesome dude! I've been looking for this everywhere but like you said it was never published. Thanks!

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So, after comparing these tracks to the film version and reading the Wikipedia entry, I've come up with what I think is the right same-as-film order. Does this seem right to, er, anyone else who might be paying attention? Thanks, camelblue, for putting this up. Such a shame it was never released.

Opening Theme
Negative G Pushover
Mighty Wings Instrumental
Still awake - can't sleep
Take My Breath Away (instrumental)
Viper's Dogfight
Flying Again
Whose Side Are You On - Never Again
Duke Mitchell's Story
Goodbye Goose
New Mission
Flat Spin
MiGs Dead Ahead
Dog Fight #3
Film Anthem

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Oh, and this is the wikipedia entry - meant to link to it before.

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Thanks for your comments. ;-)

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Is the Harold Faltermeyer music from Top gun still available ?