Thursday, November 05, 2009

NORIYUKI MAKIHARA - Songs From L.A. (2007)

Noriyuki Makihara is a top japanese male pop artist, in the early 90's debuts as performer/songwriter in a local TV show similar to American Idol.
His songs ranked high in the Asian charts, and has managed to maintain a high level of popularity for almost 20 years.
Many has been translated into other languages, like the ones featured in this compilation, some kind of an 'occidental tribute'.

La crème de la crème of the WestCoast scene was recruited for the recording, like Tommy Funderburk (AIRPLAY), Bobby Kimball & Joseph Williams (TOTO), Jason Scheff & Bill Champlin (CHICAGO), Tom Keane, Michael Landau, Tim Pierce, etc.

Production and performances are top notch, a relaxing album to enjoy gifted voices and light westcoast/AOR/pop songs.
Japan release only.

1 - Bobby Caldwell: Answer
2 - Tommy Funderburk: Darling
3 - George Duke: Yes
4 - Jason Scheff: Love Letter
5 - Robbie Dupree: Under The Doogwood Tree
6 - Kim Carnes: It's Clear Sky Again Today
7 - Joseph Williams: You're My Angel Falling...
8 - Justin Andres: 'Cause You're My Treasure
9 - Bill Champlin: North Wind
10 - Timothy Durly: Home Sweet Home
11 - Bobby Kimball: Red Nose Reindeer

Keyboards: Tom Keane, Timothy Drury
Guitars: Michael Landau, Tim Pierce, Michael Konan
Bass: Lee Sklar, Noel Freeman, Justin Andres
Drums: Stephen Litrownik, Larry Williams
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David Van Zant said...

Grandísima sorpesa, muchas gracias Camelblue!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for this one, - classy westcoast style