Monday, November 23, 2009

SANKT PETERBURG II - Enchanted, Bewitched (1996)

SANKT PETERBURG II - Enchanted, Bewitched
SANKT PETERBURG II was a melodic rock / AOR band born in the former Soviet Union in 80's.
This is their second and final album, featuring some cool songs (some not), sung in russian language. Check the tune below.

I will not dwell in my comments, because this polish journalist, Nicolo, did a complete and informative review (in english) about this band on his site:
Read more about this recording HERE.
And the band bio HERE.

A rarity...

01 - Russian Star
02 - A Step To Meet
03 - Enchanted, Bewitched
04 - Russians
05 - Forget Me
06 - Mystery
07 - Two Roses
08 - Rise Up!
09 - Sacred Love
10 - Hey, Country
11 - Fewer Words
12 - May God Protect You
13 - Bonjour, Madame!
14 - Remember These Years



Theo said...

any chance to see stuff uploaded onto other better hosts than "rapidshitty"?
anyway, many thanks for all of your great work!!!

KISSMAR said...

Gracias por esta joyita rara! :-)