Thursday, November 19, 2009

JIM FOSTER - Power Lines (1986)

JIM FOSTER - Power Lines
Maybe you remember a later 70's - earlier 80's canadian band FOSTERCHILD. Especially their ''On The Prowl' album its a very nice fm oriented rock.
The group disbanded circa 1982, and founder member JIM FOSTER become artistic producer.
By '85, signed a contract with RCA for recording a solo album with the help of renowned canadian musicians like Paul Hyde, Marc LaFrance, Dave Pickell (BRYAN ADAMS, DARBY MILLS, GLASS TIGER), Doug Edwards (PAUL JANZ, FIRST SHOT), Daryl Burgess (DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH), and many more.

Musically, the album range from rockin' AOR tunes like 'It's Up To You', 'Where Were You' (my fav. song) or the midtempo 'Maggie', to catchy melodic rock tunes like ''Quicker Than The Eye' or the opener 'Dancin' On The Power Lines'.
If you like RICK SPRINGFIELD and eighties' canadian style, don't miss this.

Long time deleted and out of print, only vinyl, this is a pretty good rip (thanx totalaor!) from a rare bootleg CD edition, including artwork.
Still sounds fresh after 23 years...

01 - Dancin' on the power lines
02 - Saved by night
03 - Do it to me
04 - Maggie
05 - Quickier than the eye
06 - It's up to you
07 - X-ray eyes
08 - You've got my number
09 - Where were you

Jim Foster - vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards
Doug Edwards, Vern Wills - bass
Dave Pickell, Scott Goodfellow - keyboards
Daryl Burgess - drums
Tim McGillveroy - percussion
Paul Hyde, Marc LaFrance, Nancy Nash, Lori Paul - backing vocals
and more...

JIM FOSTER - Power Lines


Anonymous said...

great unknown album

recommended !!

thanks a lot !!

Bernardo Casarin from Mexico City!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot my friend.
Spyros from AThens-Greece

jp said...

Do you have this fosterchild lp "on the prowl" ? i'd like to hear it, please. Thanks for your work

Camelblue said...

Welcome jp.
Go to REQUEST & FILL CORNER 2 (right column), enter and drop your requests.
I have "On the prowl", if none upload the album there, I will do it for you in a few days in REQUEST & FILL CORNER 2 section.