Friday, November 20, 2009

STEAMROLLER - Dead Man's Tan (1994)

Someone requested some hard rock on this pages.
This swedish band has released a couple of albums, as far I know only published and distributed in UK, and now out of print.

Hard Rock (melodic) style, good riff fueled rockers and laid back acoustic ballads.
Best song: 'Minute By Minute', with a catchy melodic chorus.
Title track offers a sticky riffing, while 'Blue Light Lady' has AORish pretentions.
The ballads 'Flowers In Her Hair' and 'Absence' aren't bad at all.
But some fillers can be found. The cover of the classic 'Jailhouse Rock' is awful...

Anyway, a decent rarity, well played and produced.
Bassist Pontus Egberg later gained international success as part of LION'S SHARE and THE POODLES.

1 - Dead Man's Tan
2 - Back On The Stage
3 - Why
4 - Shotgun Wedding
5 - Blue Light Lady
6 - Jailhouse Rock
7 - Flowers In Her Hair
8 - It's Your Turn
9 - Minute By Minute
10 - Rivers Of Agony
11 - Absence
12 - Half A Bottle

Fredrik Jansson: Vocals
Paul Humble: Guitar
Pontus Egberg: Bass
Bo Sundberg: Drums



Anonymous said...

Broken link...
Is it possible to reupload this?

ritchie said...

Muchas gracias camelblue. Voy a probar con estos hard-rockeros.

Camelblue said...

Un placer leerte ritchie.
Saludos Amigo.