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AOR TREASURES - The Soundtracks Vol.14

Vol.14 has been delayed more than Def Lepp's Hysteria...
Seriously, it took me about 3 months to get it ready. A difficult restoration job and track edition.
Here we go:

1 - MALICE (feat. Paul Sabu)
Vice Versa from "Vice Versa"
Paul was hired by a studio as composer for various soundtracks, including 'Vice-Versa'.
In association with the band Malice, he composed, performed and produced several songs that ended up being published as an EP, 2 of them were used in this movie.
The title track is a typical Sabu hard rock tune, a good way to begin this compilation.
This soundtrack never was officially released.

On The Run from "Blue de Ville"
TV movie, Turner plays a rock star (only 10 minutes on screen) to which the girl in the story wants to meet.
We can hear a couple of songs performed by Joe, being 'On The Run' the more AOR with some great keyboards.
A really good one.

Free And Easy from "Wildbach"
Main theme of the German ARD TV series 'Wildbach' about the adventures of a mountain rescue team peppered with criminal cases providing tension to the plot.
Unknown beautiful midtempo song performed by Stan Bush, exclusive for this OST only released in Germany.
A little gem, yes.

Restless World from "Lady Beware"
Upon request, another Lady Beware song, now from the great Tepper, with all the 'action-theme feel' that I like so much.
Track not included in the regular soundtrack edition, to my ears this is little remixed version, different from the original appeared in Robert's debut 'No Easy Way Out'.
An AOR beauty

Top Of The Hill from "Hot Dog... The Movie"
Typical cheesy american comedy, set in a ski resort.
Features two exclusive songs performed by the master Clif Magness, light and unpretentious, but come on, it's Clif, and to my knowledge, both tracks were released only as promo vinyl single, impossible to find.

Love Makes You Blind (movie version) from "No Small Affair"
This track would be later re-recorded by Fiona to her debut album. But this version is markedly different and faaar superior in my opinion.
To me, the best performance of her career, heartrending, breathtaking.
My nape hair still bristles when I listen this song.
Magnificent, one of the best tracks ever included in a film.

Little Bit Of Heaven from "Voyage Of The Rock Aliens"
Another request.
Song composed by Spiro, recorded by Pia Zadora for her '84 album 'Let's Dance Tonight'.
In this soundtrack exclusive new version, Spiro sings a duet with Pia, and the result is much, much better and absolutely '80s !

Top Of The Hill from "Hot Dog... The Movie"
The other song recorded by Magness for this movie, heard at the open titles.
More AOR, with bombastic drums and sticky refrain.

You Make Me Nervous from "Malibu Bikini Shop"
Soundtrack never released that includes excellent songs, sadly none available in any format.
Never has been edited on DVD and I couldn't find an original VHS copy.
I've ripped this marvelous song by DeWitt from an avi !
It has taken me a lot of work to eliminate the SFX (dialogues and noises) along the song.
Considering the source, it sounds quite decently, a good opportunity to listen this rarity.

The Last Stand from "All The Right Moves"
Excellent song with a mystery 'aura' in its sound and production.
I don't know what happened with Kahan's career, since he was a great singer. I like his style very much.
Only appeared in this OST.

Kissed By A Hurricane from "Thunder In Paradise"
A great find is this song featured in the TV series starring Hulk Hogan.
The soundtrack was released, but this song wasn't included !?!
Lanning (a stranger to me) sings with fierceness this curious track full of rare percussion. Awesome action movie track.
Ripped from video. Rare.

Scream Of Angels from "The Wraith"
'The Wraith' aka 'Interceptor' is a good film (has Sherilyn Fenn in it!), and the soundtrack is still better, well-known by AOR lovers.
Incredibly, this song was left aside off the disc.
Rhythmic and contagious, this is one of the best songs recorded by Gilder.

I Love The Way You Love Me from "Mad About You"
From the last season of this TV serie, a good ballad by Eric with his classic velvety voice, recorded pretty 'live' without overdubs. Even his breath could be listened between phrases.
Simple and effective melody.

Battle Lines (movie version) from "Chasing The Deer"
Due to his friendship with the filmmaker, Wetton accepted to compose the soundtrack for 'Chasing The Deer', released in limited quantity.
Extraordinary tune, totally AOR!
This is the original (long) movie version, there's another one 'edit'.
You will love this song.

Draw The Line from "The Virgin Queen Of St. Francis High"
Brian Island is a canadian musician & producer who has composed several scores for local movies.
To this unknown comedy he wrote part of the incidental music and a pair of songs.
This is the more aorish Rock & Pop, with classic sound made in Canada.
Soundtrack never published. Rarity.

Baby Now I from "The Cutting Edge"
Faithful to his songwriting style, Dan Reed contributed this track to the romantic comedy set in the '88 Winter Olympic Games.
Good track with sparkling production and fat rhythm section.

The Power Inside Of Me from "The Mirror Has Two Faces"
Marx's exclusive track for this movie, with light production and plenty of acoustic guitars.
Climatic and calm song, very well performed by Richard as usual.
I love the feeling of this song.

St. Elmo's Fire (Acoustic) from "The Brothers Solomon"
Acoustic / gospel recording of this all time classic, appeared as B-side on 'Man In Motion 2CD limited edition', years later included in this movie soundtrack.
This tune is simply fantastic, no matter which version...

+ 70 min, artwork.
Note: most of tracks are vinyl-only release and very rare, all were cleaned, decrackled and declicked to get the best quality possible.

AOR TREASURES - The Soundtracks Vol.14


Juan Carlos said...

Thank you again Camelblue for the another AOR TREASURES... Thanks indeed. Keep the AOR TREASURE FOREVER! :)

Grogwort said...

Awesome! Thank you for all your hard work.

AORSoundtracks said...

Hi Camel, great job. Congratulations. I love the songs of Clif Magness for the film "Hot Dog". Great songs.

Camelblue said...

Glad you like it AORSoundtracks.
You doesn't gave me time to send you the songs!
Both are dedicated to you.

Você não me deu tempo para enviar as músicas!
Ambos são dedicados a você.

Unknown said...

Thank you!

Tommy said...

good ! you're my friend

JC_AOR said...

Another wonderful compilation. Thank you so much for all your effort in putting this together for others to enjoy. Amazing work!

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I've been looking for the Clif Magness/Hot Dog the Movie songs forever!!!!

KISSMAR said...

Gcias Señor.. ;)

David Van Zant said...

Muchas gracias!!
Eric Martin, Stan Bush, Robert Tepper... EXCELENTE!!

thesubhuman said...

Great collection - many thanks for all your hard work.

Anonymous said...

Hell yeah, thank you so much for another terrific volume!

501blues said...

As always, great work. Thanks.

Enrico said...

Man, you rule. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

thank you keep up the good work

Paisley said...

You've done it again Camelblue!
Great compilation. I too love the Cliff Magness songs.
And like you put it, is it possible to record a bad version of Man In Motion?
Appreciated the Stan Bush rarity. A rare gem indeed. Many thanks!

Anonymous said...


Phil said...

I've noticed every time i extract a AOR soundtrack vol some of the tracks do not play. I had the same problem with this newest volume as well. 7 out of the 18 songs do not play. Anyone know what i could be doing wrong? This only happens with the soundtrack compliations.

Camelblue said...

@ Paisley:
I don't get you... a bad version of Man In Motion?
Please explain...

@ Phil:
Maybe you're clicking the playlist and it's not working for you.
Try playin' the songs itself.
Or perhaps some tags are messin' with your player. Delete tags and try it.

Paisley said...

I think i read your review of the song a bit too quickly... No wonder my comment seems cryptic...
I meant that it's not possible to record a bad version of this song, it's just too darn good, it will be enjoyable anyway.. no matter what version.. That's what i thought you meant too, though it appears i wasn't wearing my glasses the first time. =P
I see now you were comparing the acoustic version with the original... Goodness...

Camelblue said...

@ Paisley :
haha, a little misunderstood.
yeah, a stainless classic

haha 2: gotta remove your last comment too.
Thanks for your comments.

Javier Gallo said...

Thanks!! that´s another great effort from Camelblue, Great!!!, Rock it CamelBlue!!!!
you´re a great one!!!!
Gracias CamelBlue! esta es una labor fantastica en pro de la buena musica!!siga así compañero!

aorheart said...

Wow AOR-SOUNDTRACK MASTER, you made it again a fantastic complitation with great and very rare Soundtracks !!! SUPER !!!

great to hear the very rare song from Diana Dewitt and yes the song "Love Makes You Blind" from Fiona is awesome !!!

MANY THANKS Camelblue !!!

Unknown said...

Many thanks my dear friend

bart said...

CamelB, another excellent piece of work i believe - seeing the way people are praising it. You bring happiness, Thank You.

A Fan said...

Quality as always my friend , thanx alot mate

A Fan

J said...


you did a magnificent job! Wonderful music!


Score-Brother said...


Once again, excellent compilation!

However, I think you have made one mistake...

In reference to the soundtrack to "Lady Beware" - either from Germany or Japan - the song "Restless World," performed by AOR genius, Robert Tepper, was originally featured on his KILLER 1986 album, "No Easy Way Out," which was released in 1986.


Not too big of a deal or anything like that, but I thought you would be interesteed to know - though BOTH the soundtrack for this film, on CD, and "No Easy Way Out," on CD are quite rare these days.

Anyway, keep em' coming!


By the way: Would you happen to know ANYTHING about a very scarce gold Video CD single featuring a music video for the title track to "Lady Beware," performed by David Hallyday...?

The number of it is E24Y 1001, and it was released in Japan quite a while ago.

Any help is gladly appreciated.

Camelblue said...

@ Score-Brother:
That's my boy!
After +580 downloads you're the first one to say a word.
I wrote this track description on purpose to check readers' reaction (btw, forgot to modify the txt file inside the rar)
Of course this marvelous tune is part of Tepper's debut. An essential album that any serious AOR fan must have.

Now a I need your opinions.
This track it is included in the japanese version (at least this press).
I have added the song to my compilation untouched, as it is from the CD (no sound/clean processing).
Is it a remix version? I mean, it sounds different to my ears than the one on "No Easy Way Out" album.
More percussion enhanced and the machine drum stereo pan seems changed too.
What do you think? All of you...

PS: no clue about that gold Video CD...

Anonymous said...


Score-Brother said...


Interesting "strategy."

I discovered this by accident when I was randomly browsing for some more AOR music from College - but do not worry, for I am most likely unable to make a call like that in the near future... lol.

Also, you are DEAD-ON with Tepper's debut album; I am only in my twenties, and I am just learning about AOR music, but I have heard quite a few tunes, including this one, and I am now in love with that specific genre - thanks to you and others.

That said, after comparing the two tracks, it, the "album" variant, does not sound any different than that of the variant to "Lady Beware" - if anything, the soundtrack variant may be a tad bit louder than the original, but that is about it, so it is really not too big of a deal.

Oh, and about the video for that title track, thanks for the help anyway; I have seen it many times on e-bay in the past, but I never had a knowledge of that site, or for that matter what a gold VCD from Japan was... otherwise, it would have been in my collection YEARS ago - No worries, for I will keep on looking for it.

Keep on rocking, and later days.


Score-Brother said...

Oh, and by the way, this song is also included in the just-as rare German pressing of this soundtrack on CD, as well as some LP variants, but for a fact NEVER on the cassette - I do my homework on e-bay sometimes

Anonymous said...

thank you!!!

Camelblue said...

@ Score-Brother:
You did your homework, that's clear!
This song is also included in a rare German pressing of this soundtrack? Really?
New info to me. Can't find any auction/used LP-CD site with this specific item to check it out. But I trust you with blind eyes 'cos you have been the only one to answer my trick, also with believable arguments.
And let me tell you, be proud of yourself, for a twenties-newbie (in your words), you're pretty much informed and a wide-awake connoisseur.
Thanx for your useful comments.

@ All:
Any other opinion about this track (4 - ROBERT TEPPER)?
Same version as the original or little remixed?

Score-Brother said...


Thanks a lot for those kind words.

Oh, and as far as the German pressing of this soundtrack, Germany alone was given a CD issue for this soundtrack, as well as Japan - I obtain the Japanese one, which included the lyrics for the vocal tracks.

For more information regarding this particular pressing, please feel free to check it out here:

I am sure the link is long, but it does guarantee a legitimate pressing from Germany, plus its tracklisting - not to mention that the LP in that same country also features "Restless World."

See, I am one who love to do some "follow-up" research on soundtracks that I already own, especially rarities, after I buy them.

Here is another site equipped with full disclosure:

There is only one thing wrong with that site... the U.S. printing of that soundtrack on L.P., as well as the cassette, never featured that song, and I was thinking it did, but the German LP does... lol.

By the way, I am interested in making a small contribution for your blog, in the form of a song...

I recently found the rare soundtrack CD to 1988's "Fair Game" - AKA: "Mamba" - and there is one song that sounds more of a poppish tune, rather than AOR; at the same token, however, it was produced and written by super-synther, Giorgio Moroder, and it does have a kind-of interesting melody to it... if you are interested, I can send the song to you, and perhaps you might be able to input it as a song whenever your next AOR/OST compilation is created.

That said, later days, and, forever and a day until our souls are to fade away, rock on!


Score-Brother said...

Oh, and one more thing...

Now that I re-compare Tepper's "Restless World," I do sense a minute remixing of the track, as it seems a tad more stereo than the album version.

Camelblue said...

@ Score-Brother :
Uh, you're are star! Excellent research & info.
I've noted the same error @ 'soundtrackcollector' (great site btw) before.
That's what I'm talking about... a tad more stereo than the album version.

Of course I am interested in any suggestion/contribution from my readers.
Regarding 'Mamba', are you talking about "Listen To Your Heart" performed by Koreana perhaps? Nice tune.
Got this soundtrack, and was planning to use Joe Pizullo's ''One On One'' track in future compilations, but Koreana's song it's a valid option too.
Please, feel free to suggest/send any OST song that you consider good, thrilling, emotional, no matter if AOR or not.
Drop me a line here (not my real email) and I'll reply to you.
Thanx for your interest.

Score-Brother said...


I do not claim to be a "Star," lol, but thanks for the kind words.

I just collect and do some "homework" afterward... aside from College work.

Anyway, I sent you some requests regarding some great music you should try out, if you are interested; oh, and see if you can put the song "Guns and People" by the late Arthur Simms from the soundtrack to "Subway" - a KILLER tune, with lots of guitars and an epic rhythm.

Later days,

Turkaor said...

Soundtrack Comp. here + BONUS Fast FORWARD ST And Thrashin (not inc.White Sister-Touch the sky]

Camelblue said...

@ Score-Brother:
Thanx again dude, don't forget to contact me @ the address above.

@ Turkaor:
Thanks for the links!

Anonymous said...

Boo hoo!!! Bad link?


Camelblue said...

@ ''G'':
Link is working perfect.

Freeman said...

Collecting one more treasure.


Thank Camelblue as always for your heart of sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Camelblue -

Everytime I try to download it comes up with 'Invalid link' and re-directs me back to the link - I just go around in circles??? Hope you can advise?

Thanks -


Camelblue said...

@ G :

Some times linkbee is playing tricks.
Link reposted in the main post.

Phaota said...

Thanks for sharing the various 80s rare soundtrack songs in this archive. I have several of them already, but two were new to me. Those being "Brian Island - Draw The Line" and "Malice - Vice Versa". Much appreciation for the full version of Cliff's song "Hold On". I had created a decent version from the movie, but it's nice to have the official release. As for "Top Of The Hill", my version is much longer at 3:53.

Unknown said...

Hi there!

I am looking for the AOR rock songs that can be heard in the movie 80's movie "The Lamp" (aka The Outing).

They are being played in the beginning of the film as the burgulars are on the second floor, looking for the magic lamp. Is there a possibility you can post those? I know they haven't been released public, but perhaps you can make a DVD rip of them in some way? The songs are really awesome! :)

Norrin_Radd said...

These compilations are so good, I don't think i will ever be able to go back to normal music. Thanks for making them!

Anonymous said...

Michael Lanning was member of the famous seventies band called Jiva.

Anonymous said...

thanks man

Camelblue said...


J_C_A said...

this is absolutely amazing thank you!!