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DAVID (David Mikeal) - III (2004)

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Songwriter, singer, multi-instrumentalist, producer and engineer, Mikeal, former guitarist/vocalist of the cult classic AOR band 'MPG', has released 3 albums as solo artist (and really solo, as 'III' has been written, played, produced, engineered, and mixed by himself).

'David III' is a dynamic collection of songs, well written and produced in his own 'Difference Studios' placed in Winter Park, FL.
Don't be disappointed with the acoustic / programmed opener 'I Can't Tell A Lie', a song that has nothing to do with the rest on offer here (and ends abruptly on purpose).
The real start of the album is 'Mystery Lover', featuring a catchy mix of pompy keyboards and a strong guitar riff.
Mikeal has an incredible vocal range that sounds like a mix of ERIC MARTIN with RICHARD MARX (check the ballad 'Number One'), sometimes reaching very high notes maintaining a perfect pitch.

'Waiting For The Big Time' remembers me a MPG track, with an updated sound like NELSON post 'Because They Can' era.
If nobody tells you that 'Jaleously' is performed by David, you would think that is a MR. BIG track, while 'It Was Meant To Be' could be an ERIC MARTIN lost song. Awesome similarity.
I don't like the cover 'Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing' (popularized by Stevie Wonder), happily the things returns to the correct way with 'Front Page News' (an unreleased MPG song, absolutely eighties!), and the great mid-tempo 'Question Of Privacy', again, sounding like NELSON '97.

But the best song (and the best produced / arranged) of all is ''Cryin' All Alone In The Night'... wonderful cracking AOR tune. Keyboards to die for, terrific guitars and perfect in-crescendo pace. This tune is a real winner and deserves a place between the all time AOR classics.

Don't listen this disc once and then store it in your music folder, give it repeated spins (preferably in a row) and you'll love it, grows on you.
Ripped at max quality from the independent original release CD.
Note: ' III ' was re-issued three years ago by a retro label (in fact, the cover art posted here is from the reissue, different).

01. I Can't Tell A Lie

02. Mystery Lover
03. Number One
04. Waiting For The Big Time
05. Thundercloud
06. Jealousy
07. It Was Meant To Be
08. Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing
09. Front Page News
10. Spanish Castle Magic #
11. Question Of Privacy
12. Cryin' All Alone In The Night
13. I Can't Tell A Lie (reprise)

David Mikeal - vocals, all instruments
Michael E. Smith - drums on #

DAVID (David Mikeal) - III


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