Wednesday, March 24, 2010

BOOTCAMP - Final Drill , The Definitive Collection (2009)

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Fantastic band from Baltimore, Maryland.
They started to play in the late '70s and seems to enjoy an enthusiastic fan base still today.
Not strange, because their music was terrific and never falls into a common place or any conventional style.
Marketed as Power Pop, New Wave/Rock or even Avant-Garde, I think the best tagline to them is Pomp Pock, but mixing all the aforementioned genres as well.

"Hold On To The Night" and "I'm A Victim" videos have been aired on MTV's first broadcast day (Aug. 1, 1981), and the band became popular in the U.S. east coast.
But never make it big or signed a contract with a major label, they were too much original to deaf mainstream music executives...

Bootcamp released several singles and 2 miniLP's, the '83 self titled and '5x4' in 1984, being the latter my favorite, definitely more AORish.
I love this band, for their originality, freshness and excellent musicianship.
You'll find here great vocals, all kind of keyboards, deep bass lines and guitar hooks.

Posting here both miniLP's vinyl rips makes no sense, since luckily all songs plus some earlier singles were released not so long ago on CD (not the best remastering job though).
Hope you enjoy all this stuff as much as I do.

01 - 3 Ring Circus +
02 - Shoot The Moon *
03 - Let Her Go +
04 - Rise Or Fall +
05 - Fire In The Hole *
06 - This Time +
07 - A Woman's Touch *
08 - Get A Hold Of Yourself *
09 - Another Day +
10 - I'm A Victim (single '81) #
11 - Boots (single '79) #
12 - Hold On To The Night (single '81) #

* from self-titled miniLP (1983)
+ from '5x4' miniLP (1984)

Tim Camp - Bass, Lead Vocals
Bob Fallin - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Tom Alonso - Keys, Backing Vocals *
Howard Zizzi - Drums, Backing Vocals
Frank Grande - Keyboards, Backing Vocals + #

BOOTCAMP - Final Drill



Skip said...

I worked @ Unicorn Times in DC and got the review copy of their first record... I'm pretty sure I said something nice about them. I remember seeing them @ some small club on Capitol Hill and liking them.... 25 years after the fact I'm eager to check my fading memory.

Camelblue said...

Nice memories Skip.
Thanks for your comment.

Anonymous said...

I did sound for them on occasion, as well as these Lancaster boys who were similar