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HENRY LEE SUMMER - Smoke and Mirrors (1998)

HENRY LEE SUMMER - Smoke and Mirrors
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Henry Lee Summer has released some very classy rock albums in the eighties.
Although I am not a real fan of all his stuff, the man recorded many superb AOR songs and excellent soundtrack titles.

By the nineties his star began to fade out, with a 5 year hiatus between "Slamdunk" ('93) and this one.
Henry decided go back to his roots and make a record at his own pleasure: Midwestern Americana rock.
All the songs here were beautifully written, mixing heaps of acoustic and electric guitar layers and clever lyrics.
Maybe you will miss his AOR/rockier side, but most of the tracks are catchy, rock driven and honest.
If you re-arrange and produce all of them into an '80s slick mood, you'll get your typical H L Summer. But Henry has chosen this sound style, and works great.

This disc is much much deeper than what you might think at first listen, grows on you each time you press play. In fact, this is my favorite H L S album.
He has written and skillfully produced all the tunes himself, a very personal and heartfelt effort.
Hard to find out of print CD, never hit the stores, only was on sale at his website.

Sadly he was recently involved in legal troubles due to his methamphetamine addiction, last year Henry entered the voluntary drug treatment center 'Cumberland Heights' in Nashville TN.
Hope he recovers soon.

01 - Smoke & Mirrors
02 - Crazy One You Need (Psychotic, Neurotic)
03 - Why Don't You Just Stay
04 - Hold On
05 - Queen Of The Rodeo
06 - Earth To Suzi
07 - Follow Me
08 - Put A Little Love
09 - Mississippi One
10 - I Still Remember
11 - The Grande Finale

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Juba.San said...

I have all his albums and, YES, this is a great one. Not as commercial as his previous efforts but still a kilelr album and worth grabbin' if you can find one...hehehe

pilipali said...

oh much....great


Anonymous said...

Super upload, thanks a lot for this rare one. It goes for crazy prics on ebay. TOP

David Van Zant said...

Superb album, one of my favourites

John Cox said...

Thank you very much.It is a long-awaited album.