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VENUS and MARS - New Moon Rising (2003)

VENUS and MARS - New Moon Rising
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Do you miss how HEART used to sound in their glorious '80s years?
Got an aspirin for you...
This fantastic duo comprised of Diana DeWitt & Robin Randall, has released a couple of wonderful albums that makes them heiresses of the throne.
While the very good debut is more rough and direct, 'New Moon Rising' is a bible of polished Melodic Rock with capitals, top class songwriting, superb musicianship and clear production.

Diana DeWitt's melodic sense, out of this world intense voice, goes from powerful rockers to smooth ballads like a fish in the water.
She wrote songs with Robbie Buchanan, Dennis DeYoung, Barry DeVorzon, Giorgio Moroder, David Pack and countless more, as well did vocals arrangements, duets & backing vocals and co-writing songs with people like BJ Thomas, Robert Tepper, Mickey Thomas, Mark Free, Michael McDonald, etc., and numerous movie songs & commercials.
Her partner Robin Randall, displays a skilled keyboard training and stellar songwriting ability.

All these songs were written by them between 1984/1998,

some recorded by other artists like MARK FREE (The Last Time, Dying For Your Love) or JAMES CHRISTIAN (Leave Well Enough Alone).
'Tomorrow Doesn't Matter Tonight' in example, was penned by Robin in 1984 and later recorded by STARSHIP.
Also included here is the wonderful ballad 'Bless A Brand New Angel' featured on the television series BAYWATCH.

Originally released only in Japan (1998), it was reissued via their own USA label in 2003 with 2 different tracks and cover art.
Highly Recommended

01 - Dancing on the highwire
02 - Leave well enough alone
03 - Bless a brand new angel (from Baywatch)
04 - Killer love
05 - The last time
06 - One heartbeat at a time
07 - Last chance cafe
08 - Making out like a bandit
09 - Wanna wanna
10 - Accident'ly on purpose
11 - Tomorrow doesn't matter tonight
12 - Dying for your love
13 - If you only knew (USA only track)
14 - Two beers high (USA only track)

Diana DeWitt : vocals, songwriting
Robin Randall : keyboards, songwriting
Judithe Randall : songwriting
Tony Sciuto, Troy Dexter, Brian Young : guitar
Sylvan Balduc, David Hughes, Guy Marshall : bass
George Perilli, Guy Marshall : drums
Michael Hanna : keyboards, songwriting
Celin Nell, Annie Livingston, Mark Free : backing vocals
and many, many more...

VENUS and MARS - New Moon Rising


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A very nice album. For those who want to buy it, CD Baby has these in stock for $15. Same cover art as seen here, though it's the USA release so you won't get those two extra Japanese only tracks.

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Anonim mouse said...

Hi There I have been looking for Diana DeWitt – Through My Window [2011] Album

Diana Dewitt And The Hippie Gypsies [1990]

also everything she does .....demos , unreleased stuff
Except venus& Mars works I got them