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JIM PETERIK - Lifeforce (2009)

JIM PETERIK - Lifeforce
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Jim Peterik last project 'Lifeforce' has generated controversial reactions from his fan base.
Best known for his rockin' work with Survivor, Pride Of Lions or Ides Of March, Jim explains what is the reason that such a rock legend now starts his first soft-smooth jazz project:
" My wife of 35 years, Karen, and I have been huge fans since day one of Pat Metheny, David Grusin, Spyro Gyra, Keiku Matsui, Acoustic Alchemy, Basia and so many more. Writing and performing this style myself is just a natural progression from fan to artist. "

Jim defines 'Lifeforce' as "jazz that rocks", and I can't agree more with him.
This disc straddles between soft rock and smooth jazz rock without belonging totally in either genre.
As usual, Peterik has putting together a solid group of musicians into his new adventure: the captivating vocals of Lisa McClowery, the refined guitarist Mike Aquino (Pride Of Lions, Mecca), sax legend Steve Eisen and many more well known session musicians.

The album revisits several of his biggest successes, "Vehicle", "Eye Of The Tiger", "The Search Is Over" (beautiful duet), "Secret Of The Way" (great instrumental version, originally recorded with Pride Of Lions), giving himself and his partners the opportunity to fly into a new territory.

Jim: " Of course, writing rock comes naturally to me, but I've been amazed at how natural the LIFEFORCE music feels to me as well. Not just the reworking of some of my earlier rock numbers, but also the brand new jazz-soft rock compositions.
Lisa's contributions, both in songwriting and in her gorgeous vocals, are amazing. I'm really enjoying this, and can see carrying on both musical lives for a long time. "

I've included as bonus track a different mix of "Vehicle" not appeared in the disc.
Listen this one open minded, and most important, with open ears, here's many many arrangements and melodies to enjoy for a long time.

01 - Joy
02 - Lifeforce
03 - Vehicle [Ides Of March, new version]
04 - Unconditional Surrender (feat. Lisa McClowry)
05 - Ghost Orchid
06 - Eye Of The Tiger
07 - The Search Is Over (feat. Lisa McClowry)
08 - Secret Of The Way [Pride Of Lions new vers.]
09 - Morning Song (feat. Lisa McClowry)
10 - Interrupted Melody [Pride Of Lions new vers.]
11 - Morning Song (Instrumental)
12 - Vehicle [Ides Of March new vers. different mix]

Jim Peterik: lead vocals, guitar, keyboards, percussion
Lisa McClowry: lead, duet and background vocals
Mike Aquino: guitar
Steve Eisen: saxophone, flute
Klem Hayes: bass
Christian Cullen: keyboards
Ed Breckenfield: drums, percussion
Scott May: keyboards (3, 6)
John Larson: trumpet (3)
Nick Colionne: guitar (2)
Sharay Reed: electric upright bass (9, 11)
Larry Gray: acoustic upright bass (5)
Larry Milas: drum programming
Chuck Soumar: percussion

JIM PETERIK - Lifeforce


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gracias por todos, no solo por este, pero este me ha gustado mucho

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