Wednesday, May 26, 2010

NEWS: PUSH UK Strange World is out!

Do your remember the fantastic demos posted HERE one year ago?
Well, the band has re-united and re-recorded all these great AOR tunes, and thanks to the new promising AOR Blvd Records label, finally we have their very first officially released album: "Strange World".

AOR BLVD Records press release:
"How this CD was made:
Melodic Rock no matter what people will agree, has declined in popularity over the last 20 years but the positive side is what remains are the true small loyal fans around the world today.
It is far better to have a thousand fans that continue to love this music then and now than to have a million who pretended to like AOR for all of five minutes.
An example of dedication is to feel the buzz and experience by attending the Firefest yearly gig that is run by rock fans for rock fans!

Myself and the UK’s most under rated and the original flamboyant 80’s rock journalist Kelv Hellrazer have been toying over the last decade to join forces in owning a music label on the basis of working closely and sharing ideas with artistes and bands and producing a first class product.
It has been hard work and determination and perseverance that this limited edition CD has now been given a new lease of life for the dedicated fan of AOR to enjoy.
I knew of PUSH UK back in 2005. What was an amazing set of events was to follow.
Tape trading from the UK that ends in South America then posted on the internet (thanks Camelblue) the reaction from websites sparked Kelv and I to find who and where are Push UK.

Take a bow Mr Tony Mills who played a vital importance in this project.
After a lengthy chat between myself and Brett Hammond it was decided that eleven of the demos would be re-recorded and would be entitled 'Strange World'.
So there you have it, this project has been a labour of love and I hope there is more to follow like this.
Paul aka Mitch Rudland, AOR BLVD Records."

You can read the album review at glorydazemusic

Listen the samples at PUSH website:

Support this great band and this new label purchasing the CD directly from them:
Write here asking details:
or via ebay:
aorblvdrecords store

According to Paul:
" We need to sell 'Strange World' well as PUSH UK have another album ready to go... but this has to do well first."



mhenders said...

Thanks! I just ordered my copy after enjoying the fantastic demos posted here last year. Looking forward to hearing the re-recorded versions.

Torquato said...

Also bought it in MP3 files. Fantastic album! Pure AOR.

Anonymous said...

Pretty good post. I enjoyed it completely. I am going now to mail it to my colleagues to permit them read this too. Thank you a lot