Tuesday, August 31, 2010

BIG TALK - Goin' Back (1993)

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BIG TALK (not to be confused with the Swedes of the same name who released the album "Time Of Dreams") was a trio, also from Sweden.

They only published this rare single in 1993, with a limited release of 500 copies.
Actually, it was lead singer Rasmus Uhlin's vehicle to be known in his own country.
Then he starts a solo career with his band 'Rasmus and the Reckless', getting substantial acceptance as a Bryan Adams clone.

This 3 track single sounds, indeed, like Bryan, with a Scandi touch.
Straight-forward melodic rock with good vibe.
Very rare and hard to find.
Cool stuff.

1 - Goin' Back
2 - I Will Always Be Your Friend
3 - Down The Road

Rasmus Uhlin - Lead vocals, guitar, bkg vocals
Christer Johansson - Bass, bkg vocals
Robert Gustavsson - Drums, bkg vocals



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