Monday, August 23, 2010

STEVE VAI - Alien Love Secrets [Japan release] (1997)

STEVE VAI -  Alien Love Secrets Japan release
Being a big instrumental album fan (especially guitar wizards), do not know why I've posted here only a couple of albums so far.
Well, this is one of my favorites. Of course "Passion & Warfare" is still his best in my opinion.
But this one is a killer, stripped-down, in your face recording. It was wrote and recorded in less than 6 weeks during the "Fire Garden" sessions.
On his own words: "The approach was to make it simple with no overdubs, just guitar on a silver platter, with bass, drums and minimal keyboards to fill out some sections. The songs were written and recorded without any deep rhyme or reason but each tune holds a significant aura. It was one of the easiest, most rewarding records I've made."

All songs are crazy, funny and jaw-dropping.
And includes the beautifully emotional "Tender Surrender", one of the best Vai's songs ever.

Unseen Japanese release (march, 1997), featuring the rare bonus track 'San-San-Nana-Byoushi' (translates to 'Three-Three-Seven-Rythm'). When you listen the song you'll understand the title.

01 - Bad Horsie
02 - Juice
03 - Die To Live *
04 - The Boy From Seattle *
05 - Ya-Yo Gakk #
06 - Kill The Guy With The Ball * / The God Eaters
07 - Tender Surrender +
08 - San-San-Nana-Byoushi (Japan bonus)

Steve Vai: All guitars, bass, keyboards, drum prog.
Deen Castronovo: drums on *, +
Tommy Mars: organ on +
Julian Vai: munchkin vocals on #



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I never heard the bonus, thanks a lot for share.

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