Saturday, August 21, 2010

LIAISON - Liaison (1989)

What 'Liaison' means? - Communication, co-operation, between two or more groups, working together.
And that's what the young Melby brothers (Tim & Lary) did here.
A great colection of superbly written songs.
They were born and raised in western North Dakota, and the Melby home was always filled with music, so Tim and Lary learned to play many musicial instruments at an early age.

A hallmark of this album is the top-notch production by Bill Baumgart (Idle cure, Chase), who also helped with the arrangements... and the hire of the monster session guys: musician's musician & teacher Michael Landau on guitars and the world-class drumming of Jeff Porcaro (TOTO).

The result is a glossy, harmony-filled album, to enjoy from start to finish.
Definitely a must for everybody who loves AOR/Westcoast music in the style of TOTO, White Heart, Giant, Richard Marx...
Sure, they are a christian band, but not praising all the time.

One of my '89 favorite albums, relatively easy to find on the web, but not @ this quality, including full artwork.
Highly Recommended

01 - When The Kingdom Comes Down
02 - You Are His Main Concern
03 - Go And Sin No More
04 - Man With A Mission
05 - The Way, The Truth, And Life
06 - Kick It Down
07 - The Light Is On
08 - He Lives
09 - Give Me One Day At A Time
10 - You've Got My Heart In Your Hands

Lary Melby: Lead Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards,
Tim Melby: Guitars, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Kelly Burns: Bass
Bill Baumgart: Producer, Keyboards, Background Vocals
Michael Landau: Guitars
Tim Heintz: Keyboards
David Koz: Sax
Jeff Porcaro: Drums

Liaison (1989)


joaquin said...

muy buen disco, excelente aor
es una mezcla entre por aor west coast pero muy simpatico lo recomiendo 100 !

Anonymous said...

excellent band....

I found the first and second on CD. Very excited to have those in my collection.

camilenkov said...

Excelente disco sin duda un gran aporte gracias!!