Friday, August 27, 2010

DA VINCI - Unreleased 3rd (1987 - 1990)

DA VINCI - Unreleased
DA VINCI was one of the best Scandi AOR bands of all time.
Only 2 albums released, both filled with scorching tunes.
The group entered into studio and recorded the 3rd album in 1990.
But never was released... What happens in the middle?... A complete mystery.
They even put out a single as advance (tracks "Ain't No Goodbyes / "Blame It On The Radio", featured in my 'Most Wanted Scandi AOR Singles Ever Vol.2').

There's a compilation of these unreleased recordings, known as "The Lost Demos" or "Unfinished Business", shared here not so long ago by one of the greatest contributors of this blog: homer64.
But 5 tracks were missing.
Now, I made my own version including ALL the Da Vinci files.

The first 8 songs are taken from what should have been their 3rd album. Pre-production tracks with A+ quality sound.
The last 8 tracks are leftover demo material from their 2 first albums. Sadly, most of them are cut at the intros.
I've fixed all of them;
Intro fixed: tracks 9, 12, 13, 14, 15
Cracks: tracks 13, 15
Minor db jump fixed: track 10
Unbalanced channels: track 2
Besides, reduced the hiss and enhanced the sound a bit using my new toy; 'Analog Vitalizer MK2', a real cool vintage processor, totally 'eighty'.

All these songs are great IMHO, catchy keyboard-driven uptempo AOR tunes, just check "Breathless", "One Of A Kind" or "Where Eagles Die".
Beauty ballads, my favorites: "Won't Be The One", a late 80's Toto - style diamond. "You're The Only One" is in a David Foster style.
This band deserves a podium amongst the champions, on par with EUROPE, TREAT, BAD HABIT, SKAGARACK.
A must for scandi - AOR fans [like me].
Myself made art work.
Highly Recommended

01 - Blame It On The Radio
02 - Every Highway
03 - Breathless
04 - Ain't No Goodbyes
05 - How Many Miles
06 - Wait For You
07 - Won't Be The One
08 - Last Generations
09 - One Of A Kind
10 - Where Eagles Die
11 - Shadow Dance
12 - Close To The Edge Of A Brokenheart
13 - Electric Lady
14 - You're The Only One (The Light)
15 - Stand Up
16 - Action

Lars Aass - Vocals
Gunnar Westlie - Guitar
Bjørn Boge - Bass
Jarle Maaloy - Drums
Dag Selboskar - Keyboards



imuman2 said...

Super, thx. I thought I had all the demosongs but no!

DEEMON said...

Thank camel
only yourself to reward us with more of this masterpiece of aor called da Vinci.
As you said this is one of the coolest bands of scandy aor.
the work you do on this blog is fantastic.
thanks for everything my friend.good week.DEEMON

Camelblue said...

Glad you like it and thanks for your kindly words, you're one of my most loyal followers.
Have a nice week too.

DEEMON said...

I'll always follow camel.
People like you deserve all our respect and affection.
I know you do it all for love of melodic rock.
and frankly I think it's incredible.

obs:sorry for my bad english,i am brazillian.hahahaha

GunnerW said...

Hello,we are going to start up again,with Bjørn Boge on bass and vocals,and if you want to get in conact,we are on facebook......
Gunnar Westlie...

Camelblue said...

@ Gunner:
That's great news man.
Go ahead!

Liger said...

Hi! Great blog indeed!! 1st class stuff. Hey, the link for the Da Vinci demos is no more active. Could you re-upload the file? Thanks a lot in advance!!

Anonymous said...

Gracias por armar este disco con tanta dedicacion, obio imposible de conseguir, att eric galvez desde mexico

Camelblue said...

Glad you like it Eric