Tuesday, August 10, 2010

JOE PASQUALE - Prey (1991)

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Who is this guy with a latin name?

Joe Pasquale is an accomplished producer and songwriter, and better than that, a terrific singer and keyboardist.
This complete musician of French origins has been playing and recording since the mid eighties as sessionist on various albums, in example; Mark Winkler works.
Prior to 'Prey', was the lead singer of "Boys Club", a great and unknown duo / band, releasing a wonderful album.

Seems Joe has some connections (and played for important names), as he managed to come up with an all star line-up to his debut (on a major label btw).
Teamed with master BRUCE GAITSCH in the songwriting of most of the songs (also a couple penned by Dianne Warren), we have here a bunch of terrific songs to boot.

Opener 'Circle Of Love' is pure Hi-Tech AOR heaven featuring awesome rhythm guitars by Gaitsch.
'Believin´ ' focuses on fantastic vocal harmonies ala NELSON's Because They Can era.
'Paint It Blue' ... what a song! Dianne Warren's trademark, top class chorus and unbelievable arrangements.
'Faith Of An Age' is another highlight, typical Gaitsch style. Great, Great one!
'On My Own' is a laid back acoustic, think the best EAGLES.
Title track is pretty atmospheric, TOTOished song with guitars by MICHAEL THOMPSON.
Balancing the album, 'Love And Medication' gets rockier, thanks to STEVE LUKATHER's impeccable guitar job.
'This Could Take All Night' goes to the poppy-westcoast style, great vocals.
And the last one... another gem. 'Deep In The Night' is a classic, classic, classic soft AOR tune. This is AOR guys, pure soft AOR.

Needless to say: Top notch production & recording job.
I love this album, a smooth, elegant, perfectly written and performed piece. Soft - AOR masterpiece if you ask me.
A Must Have in this style.
Highly Recommended.

01 - Circle Of Love
02 - Believin'
03 - Paint It Blue
04 - Faith Of An Age
05 - On My Own
06 - Prey
07 - Fool If You Think It's Over
08 - Love And Medication
09 - This Could Take All Night
10 - Deep In The Night

Joe Pasquale : vocals, bass, piano, synths, organ, drums
Bruce Gaitsch : guitars, songwriting
Steve Lukather : guitars
Michael Thompson : guitars
Vinnie Colauita, Art Wood : drums, percussion
Randy Waldman : bass
Randy Jackson : bass
Neil Stubenhaus : bass
Paulinho DaCosta : percussion
Dave Boruf : sax
Janey Clewer, Martika, Maxine Walters, Julia Waters, Susan Boyd, Lada Boder : backing vocals
... and many more ...



gonzaloaor said...

Un clasico del soft AOR donde los haya,y bastante mejor que su siguiente album Ricochet

axerock said...

This album was on my wanted list for more than one year. Glad to find it here and relying on your comments it should be right on spot. Thanks a lot for sharing these gems my friend.

Camelblue said...

@ axerock:
How are you?.
Glad you finally found it.