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FERNANDO SAUNDERS - Cashmere Dreams (1989)

FERNANDO SAUNDERS ashmere Dreams 1989
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Bass player, singer, songwriter, producer, Fernando Saunders came to international prominence as a key member of the pioneering ensemble The Jeff Beck/Jan Hammer Group.

In the early '80s, started long-term collaborations as a player, producer and co-songwriter with the esteemed urban rockers Lou Reed and Marianne Faithfull.
During his career Saunders traveled the world recording and performing with music legends Steve Winwood, Jimmy Page, Joe Cocker, Heart, Pat Benatar and more.

"Cashmere Dreams" was his first solo album, produced and performed by himself, with some great guest stars.
I warn you, this is basically an adult-pop disc, with some rockier moments and a couple of smooth WestCoast tracks. I am posting it here because it was requested by a reader, includes two awesome songs, and it's very hard to find.
"The Stallion" is a radio-friendly tune with dry guitars, while "I Keep On Walkin´" (co-written by Lou Reed) has very mid-'80s pop-vibe.
"Hook In My Heart" and "Katalin" are both semi-WesCoast-pop numbers, cool tracks.
"Please Tell Me" and "I Can't Let Go" are the more AORish tracks on the album, that wouldn't be out of place in any eighties soundtrack. Good ones in their genre.

But the really interesting songs here are the two featuring full TOTO as back-up band: Jeff Porcaro on drums, Steve Lukather on guitar and David Paich & Steve Porcaro (who also produced) on keyboards.
"Love Is Blind" (penned by S. Porcaro) is a delicious mid-tempo Light AOR with great synths and a terrific shuffle beat by Jeff Porcaro.
The other one, "Let's Talk About It", is classic TOTO-alike, a sumptuous atmospheric tune with tons of style and sophistication.
These tracks worth the disc, essential for any TOTO fan / AOR collector.
Rare CD version incl. scans.

01 - The Stallion
02 - I Keep On Walkin'
03 - Opposites Atrract
04 - Hook In My Heart
05 - Please Tell Me *
06 - Love Is Blind
07 - Katalin
08 - I Can't Let Go
09 - Indecision
10 - Let's Talk About It *

Fernando Saunders: Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Programming
Alan Smallwood, Jeff Bova: Keyboards
J.T. Lewis: Drums, Percussion
Grayson Hugh: Piano, Background Vocals
Flick Bell: Sax
Joseph Anthony: Background Vocals
Jeff Porcaro: Drums, Percussion *
Steve Lukather: Guitar *
David Paich: Keyboards *
Steve Porcaro: Synths, Producer *



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