Monday, April 25, 2011


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Joe-Bruce is a studio project by two heavy-weights of the music industry: Joe Esposito and Bruce Sudano.

Both were part during the late '70s / early '80s of the vocal group Brooklyn Dreams (which supplied backing vocals on the classic debut Franke And The Knockouts album).
Esposito is also well known as a soundtrack guy (Flashdance, Foxes, Staying Alive, Thief Of Hearts, Karate Kid) and his colaboration with Giorgio Moroder.
And who are the '2nd Avenue'? No-one than the super session monsters Dann Huff, Nathan East, Michael Omartian, Bob Conti and more.

First track "We Can Have It All" is just a killer soft-AOR melodic gem. The golden chorus is pure mid-eighties AOR heaven, and Dan Huff's solo a fine demonstration of his mastery.
"Something Tells Me (Into Something Good)" is really 'something good', a cool L.A. westcoast track complete with tasteful keys and horns.
"Save The Love" has a classy smooth breeze while "Some Things Never Change" is a melodic semi-ballad with a great bass & rhythm guitar that reminds me the more commercial Gino Vanelli.

"The Terms Of Love" returns to the classic AOR in a style similar to David Roberts and Robbie Patton. Great keyboards on this one.
"The Message Is Clear" has a poppy-Lite AOR vibe, very radiable and contagious. The drums are more compressed here than the rest of the album.
"Powerful Girl" sounds very early eighties, a soundtrack-style track with a magic chorus and nice guitars.
On the ballad "I Found Love" the duo pay tribute to their origins, this is a vocal-based song with great harmonies.

Production is first class and all sounds clear and polished to the extreme. This is a 'tie & jacket' album, elegant and sophisticated.
"JOE-BRUCE & 2ND AVENUE" only was released on CD and distributed in Germany in limited quantities, being auctioned today with bids above U$S 300.

01. We Can Have It All
02. Something Tells Me (Into Something Good)
03. No Way To Win
04. Save The Love
05. Some Things Never Change
06. The Terms Of Love
07. The Message Is Clear
08. Powerful Girl
09. America (What's The Price You Pay)
10. I Found Love

Lead & Backing Vocals: Joe "Bean" Esposito
Lead & Backing Vocals: Bruce Sudano
Guitars: Dann Huff
Bass: Nathan East, Joe Chemay
Keyboards, Production: Michael Omartian
Synth Programming: Erich Bulling, Marcus Ryle
Drums: John Robinson
Percussion: Bob Conti
Horns: Gary Herbig, Kim Hutchcroft, Jerry Hey
Backing Vocals: Donna Summer, Dara Bernard, Mary Ellen Bernard, Portia Griffin