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MARTEE LeBOW - Crimes Of The Heart (1986)

MARTEE LeBOW - Crimes Of The Heart (1986)
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Martee LeBow is a recording artist, singer/songwriter and keyboardist born in NY state.
In her teens, as Martee Lebous, she recorded her first album "The Lady Wants To Be A Star" in the mid of the seventies.
While playing with her band, LeBow has maintained a successful career as live & studio back-up vocalist, singing commercial jingles / soundtrack songs, and collaborating with many songwriters.

By 1985, a major label singed Martee as solo artist.
Her debut "Crimes Of The Heart" is a mini-lp with only five songs, but what songs!
This is without a doubt one of the best female AOR albums of the eighties.
Opener, title track "Crimes Of The Heart" (penned by maestro Jeff Silverman) is a terrific semi-midtempo rockin' AOR gem. From the first note you will be amazed by LeBow's trained and powerful pipes.
"Stranded In The Moonlight" is pure AOR bliss. Check the songwriting quality (Michael Smith). This isn't an ordinary song by any means. Great arrangements.

"Love Just Ain't Enough" is a perfect ballad, with a soulful performance (reminds you Fiona but thousand times better). The guitar solo (the unmistakable master Dan Huff) is simply perfect. Why this song isn't became a hit on par with, let's say, Heart, it's a total mystery (or label inepts).
"One Down" is a marching melodic rocker with a great riff / keyboards. Maybe the best example of Martee's quality vocals. Awesome tune.
What? "Hearts Of Stone" is a Bruce Springsteen cover? Well, the result is magical. A fantastic midtempo with a bluesy touch yes, but beautifully AOR-arranged. Martee shines again here.

This mini album is pure gold.
Fantastic vocalist, excellent songwriting (Martee on 3,4), the best session royalty you could imagine (check personnel) and terrific production by the expertise Robbie Buchanan.
Never released on CD, this is a very good vinyl rip (not mine) but with many clicks and noises typical from old LP's.
Requested by my fellow reader and friend troynew (a top contributor to these pages as well), I have cleaned the files for your listening pleasure.
A Must Have.

1 - Crimes Of The Heart
2 - Stranded In The Moonlight
3 - Love Just Ain't Enough
4 - One Down
5 - Hearts Of Stone

Martee LeBow - Lead vocals
Dan Huff - Guitar
Neil Stubenhaus - Bass
Robbie Buchanan - Keyboards
Mike Baird - Drums
Tommy Funderburk, Steve Lively - Backing Vocals

MARTEE LeBOW - Crimes Of The Heart


troynew said...

Here I was going through life thinking I'm a useless git, only to discover that all this time, unbeknownst to me, I've been a 'top contributor'. :o0 Surely a distinction fit to adorn any otherwise unimpressive resume! (Let's hope at my next job interview they won't ask me what it is I'm supposed to have contributed though, cause I'm afraid the demand for court jesters in upper management positions has plummeted somewhat since the late Middle Ages.)
Anyway, it would seem you've pulled off yet another minor miracle here, providing us with a verily rejuvenated, pure as the driven snow sounding auditory feast.
Liquid Fairy Ultra couldn't have done a better job polishing and shining this one back to its original splendor.
I take my cap 'n' bells off to you, kind sir. Can't wait to hear its companion piece (oh, and Lisa Price of course). :o)

SOFIA said...

Great job Camelblue! As far as music goes (and for a lot more, I'm sure...) one can trust you with his/her life! Kisses!!!

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zak said...

Thanks as always CB

The English Brothers said...

The correct title for song #4 is "One DOWN", not "One MORE" (refer to the listing on the original EP jacket, as well as on the vinyl disc label, Side Two, and please correct your entry on this website.) [Note: songs 4 and 5, as listed on your site, are actually songs 1 and 2 of Side Two on the original EP release.]

We have owned a copy of this EP (5-song vinyl record) since the singular day it arrived at the record store, way back in 1985 or 1986. We listened to it that very same day and knew immediately that this was (or, SHOULD be) a long-term radio gem. Maybe it did well in the Northeast, but we never heard as much as a sniffle about it in our area (the South and Southeast). We immediately knew it was Dan Huff's guitar work, even before we bothered to read the jacket credits, not to mention the other stellar personnel on the recording! It is a great piece of work, and still outshines just about everything coming out today. We have "learned the Hard Way" that the best stuff is rarely what is promoted by the industry. Most of these artists are signed as tax write-offs by the labels; people with the right connections are the ones who get the attention and promotion, yielding a continual downslide in quality and talent.

This album, and her follow-up LP, "Love's A Liar", deserve re-release and airplay.

-- The English Brothers,
Kansas City, MO
(Formerly of Los Angeles, CA,
and New Orleans, LA)

Camelblue said...

@ The English Brothers:
Track title corrected.
Thanks for your juicy comment! I love when people add their listening experience.
Feel free to comment on any post here.
Rock On.