Wednesday, April 27, 2011

STORMWAVE - Deadly Trace (1991)

After recording a couple of singles, the Austrian band STORMWAVE got the chance to release the first full-length disc in 1987.
"Deadly Trace" is their 3rd and last album, and the best of all.
A very cool blend of American Hard 'N Heavy with classy European Melodic Hard Rock is the motto here.

The good thing about this recording is its freshness.
All the songs are melodic and catchy, with good arrangements and nice harmonies.
On tracks as "Walkin' On A Razor's Edge" or "One Night Stand" the american influence (complete with keyboards) is clear, the band remind me Baton Rouge and alikes.
"Calm Before The Storm" and "Wheels Of Loneliness" both have some scandi scent (the latter sounding like earlier Europe).
Listening "Fever Of Love" I have flashbacks of Heavy Pettin' (do you remember them?), while "Cry For Freedom" has much in the style developed by the most commercial Accept on 'Russian Roulette'.
"Without You" is a tear jerker piano ballad that has nothing to envy to Da Vinci or Zinatra. Very pleasant track.

The good indie production is warm & melodic or razor sharp when needed, although on some tracks there's no real drummer and the programming isn't perfect at all.
Horst Adamer does a remarkable job singing all these tunes in perfect pitch without accent.
But the stars on "Deadly Trace" are the twin guitar attack. A full, vital valvular tone very up in the mix gave to this recording a real magical spell, truly '80s.
I was thinking to post a good and unknown rockin' album here (this is a hard rock site too) and Stormwave is a great choice.
Check out how good they are.

01 - Deadly Trace
02 - Walkin' On A Razor's Edge
03 - Calm Before The Storm
04 - Never Surender
05 - Wheels Of Loneliness
06 - Fever Of Love
07 - Cry For Freedom
08 - One Night Stand
09 - Losing The Game
10 - Endless Love
11 - Without You
12 - Mountain Rock

Horst Adamer - Vocals
Klaus Margreiter - Guitar
Manfred Margreiter - Guitar
Bruno Hosp - Bass
Gonther Kopf - Drums

STORMWAVE - Deadly Trace