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STEVIE - Gypsy ! (1984)

STEVIE Gypsy ! 1984
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Stevie is a french born (with a scandinavian origin) rock singer.

Under the name Stewy, she was the lead vocalist of the hard rock band Black Rats who later became Speed Queen and released in France a self titled album in 1980 and second disc for a major label in 1982. They toured with Motorhead and Lemmy appeared on the 2nd album as guest.

By 1983, pursuing a solo career, the girl changed her name to 'Stevie' and following the rule of the moment, started to record a 'Rock FM' debut album.
Her label wanted an international hit, then they hired some american musicians / songwriters.
Bruce Kulick (Kiss, Blackjack) plays guitar on most of the album and Michael Bolton did some back up vocals.
Half of the songs are sung in english and the rest in french.

As said, this is americanized radio oriented rock / AOR, with muscular guitars, tons of keyboards and super-compressed drums.
It doesn't matter that "Fils De La Nuit" is sung in french, the melody and the awesome keys / guitar solo makes this track a real good opener.
"Gypsy" and "On Oublie Tout" have some frenchy-chaisson influences, but both are good pop-rockers with big synths.

"Without You" is a real winner. This track alone worth the whole disc. Killer american AOR with a portentous riff. Michael Bolton sings the 2nd lead voice -mixed in the back- and Bruce Kulick shines on the guitar.
"Radio" is a weak poppy song in my opinion, but next track "Le Chemin En Arriere" has a very nice candy-floss keyboard arrangement and a good commercial chorus.
"Tu Me Manques Mec" is a ballad with a little bluesy touch. Cool.
American AOR returns with the radio friendly "Take Me Back", good uptempo track with a nice refrain.

"Gypsy!" never was released on CD and the vinyl is a real treat.
It's a good american FM / AOR album with an exotic touch, good production and excellent musicianship.
Very Rare.

01 - Fils De La Nuit
02 - Gypsy
03 - On Oublie Tout
04 - Without You
05 - Radio
06 - Le Chemin En Arriere
07 - Coeur Kller
08 - Tu Me Manques Mec
09 - Take Me Back

Stevie - Lead Vocals
Bruce Kulick - Guitars (except 7, 9)
Norbert Krief - Guitar (7 and 9)
Jan Mullaney - Keyboards
Michael Bolton - 2nd Lead Voice on track 4
Schuyler Deale - Bass
Michael Braun - Drums
Aganain Martin - Piano on track 8
Pierre-Jean Gidon - Sax on track 8
Rosetta Stone, Slim Batteux, Maria Popkiewicz, Jocelyn Beroard, Lloyd Landesman - Background Vocals

STEVIE - Gypsy !



KISSMAR said...

Gracias Lincensiado,lo habia perdido je

troynew said...

'the girl changed HIS name to Stevie'? Mark/Marcie Free has got a lot to answer for by starting all this gender confusion. ;-)
(Speaking of confusion, from the album cover I would never have guessed in a million years that this was an AOR album, more like some kind of light opera diva.)

axerock said...

@ Troynew
"Never judge a book by his cover"
It happened the same to me, when a friend show me a song and pointed me to the cover. But it was not the first time an awful album cover turns to be a good record.

@ Camelblue
In fact this request was in first place for my friend, but I reckon that after listen to one song I got curious (even with half of the record sung in french). Once again I bow to your uploads and thank you for sharings. I own you (another) one amigo. Cheers

Camelblue said...

@ troynew :

daz-a-cid said...

Stevie did two records with other band called Speed Queen I have one of those but not in the best bitrate.
If someone is interested I can share it.

MA. C.F.A said...

This is Ma. Claude F. Archambault. We would like to notice you that this album is copywright protected. Please remove this album or legal procedures will be engaged upon you. (CBS RECORDS)

Thank You

Anonymous said...

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