Sunday, January 15, 2012 on Twitter on Twitter

As you may note, there's several changes here since May, 01.
I am no longer at charge on the blog's maintenance anymore, simply don't find the time.
Of course, I still will select the material, fill requests, restore old vinyls, make my own compilations and write brief reviews. But all other aspects (including uploads, posting and site design/functionality) are in the hands of a good friend of mine.

He also suggested to create a Twitter account.
The prime intention to do this is keep in touch. You know, many blogs are disappearing into the twilight zone.
Got no one but two mirrors of '' (logically, with different addresses) running online as back up, only visible to me.
Then, just in case, bookmark my Twitter @CamelblueAOR -or follow me if you have your own account- to get linked if my main blog is forced to change location.
Click on the picture or below...!/@CamelblueAOR


daz-a-cid said...


troynew said...

What are you gonna do with the blog entries that link to Megaupload?
Will you replace them with download links from other host sites???

Camelblue said...

@ troynew :
No way, links won't be re-posted except someone request a specific file.

daz-a-cid said...

What a shame.