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SAPPHIRE EYES - Demo (2008)

SAPPHIRE EYES - Demo (2008) Alyson Avenue
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The Swedish project SAPPHIRE EYES born in 2007 from the ashes of Alyson Avenue and Second Heat. The mastermind of the band is keyboard player Niclas Olsson, member of both acts.

The first idea was to pick a female vocalist, but after some rehearsals the decision for male vocals came to mind. Thomas Bursell (singer on the one and only Second Heat album, released in 2004) took the mic.
Alyson Avenue's former members Thomas Löyskä, Tony Rohtla and Fredrik Eriksson were asked to join, and they recorded this bunch of songs in 2008.

So this professionally recorded 4-track demo with a pre-production quality is basically Alyson Avenue with male vocals: sweet and clear Scandi AOR.
Sapphire Eyes has been put on hold for a while as Alyson Avenue has reunited and recently released a new album. But I'm sure there will be a full length album soon.
Meanwhile, enjoy these cool songs from a promising project.

01 - This Love This Time (I Want It)
02 - I Want You To See Me
03 - Price For Life
04 - Lay Down In My Arms

Thomas Bursell (Second Heat) - Vocals
Niclas Olsson (Alyson Avenue, Second Heat) - Keyboards
Thomas Loyska (Second Heat, Alyson Avenue) - Bass
Tony Rohtla (Bai Bang, Alyson Avenue) - Guitar
Fredrik Eriksson (Alyson Avenue) - Drums
Anette Blyckert (Alyson Avenue) - Backing Vocals



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