Monday, January 09, 2012

VON ROSEN - Someone Like You +1 [single] (1987)

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Von Rosen was a Swedish duo comprising the talents of Magnus Rosen and Peter Sandberg (Madison, Alien, Midnight Sun). They recorded and released back in eighties a couple of singles in the best Scandi - AOR tradition.

"Someone Like You / Time" was the last one (the other single can be found HERE), featuring stellar contributions by Mats Olausson (Glory, Yngwie) and Goran Edman.

In short; truly great rockin' AOR tunes of the best Scandinavian pedigree.
There's a vinyl-rip circulating amongst collectors, but with many clicks and skips all over.
This one was made by me, cleaned and restored for your listening pleasure, including artwork.
Love this stuff.

01 - Someone Like You
02 - Time

Peter Sandberg - Lead Vocals
Magnus 'Von' Rosen - Bass
Session Musicians:
Mats Olausson - Keyboards
Per Alm - Guitars
Bengt-Ake Andersson - Drums
Goran Edman - Background Vocals

VON ROSEN - Someone Like You +1 - NEW LINK


Anonymous said...

Fantastic tracks man...
Thanks for sharing this with all of us...

lilly said...

I love Peters -Alien, Jade, Midnight Sun and of cause Von Rosen too!

lilly said...

Thank you Camelblue!!

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