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STAN BUSH & VINCE DiCOLA - BotCon '97: The Concert (1998)

STAN BUSH & VINCE DiCOLA - BotCon '97: The Concert (1998)
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AOR legend Stan Bush and keyboard maestro Vince DiCola have been part of the mythical 'Transformers; The Movie" soundtrack.

Since 1994, Transformers fans and collectors celebrate yearly 'The Official Transformers Collectors Convention', briefly known as BotCon.
Featured BotCon guests are usually involved in the creation of Transformers media in some respect, whether as voice actors from the animated series, writers from the comic books, musicians, etc.

For the 1997 edition, it was prepared a special 2 CD set of the original movie soundtrack, the first containing tracks from Stan Bush's 'Call to Action' album, and the second the whole music score composed by DiCola.
There was also a live concert featuring Bush and Vince DiCola accompanied by seasoned musicians, performing songs and compositions from the movie.

STAN BUSH & VINCE DiCOLA - BotCon '97: The Concert alt cover
alt. cover

The show never was officially released, despite being recorded with great audio quality. There's many bootlegs circulating including extra tracks taken from the score or Bush's studio albums.
But this file is the real deal: only the Live songs in one package, directly from my vault.
A Collector's item, rare and really good stuff. Get it pronto while it's hot...

01 - Attack On The Shuttle (live) [2:31]
02 - The Touch (live) [4:50]
03 - Dare (live) [8:39]
04 - Death Of Optimus Prime (live) [5:06]
05 - Unicron's Theme (live) [2:50]

Stan Bush - Vocals
Vince DiCola - Keyboards
Rocket Richotte - Guitars
Matt Bissonette - Bass
Derek Hilland - Drums



DEEMON said...

Grande trabalho seu Camelblue...obrigado por mais esse maravilhoso cd.

Unknown said...

Stan Bush, one of the most underrated, under appreciated AOR specialists ever.

I'm doing a feature on the era and will be posting on my blog in the next week. Feel free to check it out.