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STREETHEART - Dancing With Danger [bootleg CD 2010] (1983)

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Streetheart was one of the seminal bands of the Canadian AOR movement. Formed by keyboard player Daryl Gutheil and bassist Spider (Ken Sinnaeve), the band gained considerable success at the beginning of the eighties in North America with their albums achieving platinum status.

Frehley's Comet recorded their own version of 'Dancing With Danger', while in 1992 Neal Schon's Hardline recorded the Streetheart song 'Hot Cherie' for their album 'Double Eclipse'.
Streetheart's career was a 5-year rush, sharing stages with Chilliwack, Styx, Kansas, Aldo Nova, April Wine, Rush and more.

"Dancing With Danger" was the band's first recording in the US, and the last before disbanding, due conflicts with management and the label.
This is a 'Pasha Production', headquartered in Los Angeles, with music strategist Spencer Proffer (Quiet Riot, Shooting Star, Heart, Kiss) behind the desk, so expect a clear and a bit Americanized sound here.
For starters, Streetheart's style is similar to Loverboy, not strange as Paul Dean was part of the band in the earlier days, even recording on the 1st disc.

But as said, although "Dancing With Danger" retains the classic Canadian AOR roots, this album has a more American sound.
We have commercial catchy tunes with abundance of keyboards, sizzling guitars and the appealing raspy vocals of Kenny Shields.
All tracks are really good, being my favorites the jumpin' AOR of "You're Not The Only One" (which was the first single), the rockin' title track, the ultra melodic "Comin' True" (where they sound as Autograph) and the early '80s sounding "Midnight Love".

Incredibly, "Dancing With Danger" remains as the only Streetheart album still not pressed on CD.
This is the bootleg CD released in 2010 with a different (inexpressive) artwork and changed tracklist, which oppositely, works better than the original in my opinion.

STREETHEART - Dancing With Danger original cover
original vinyl artwork

For this bootleg, the transfer from vinyl was done decently, anyway, I have enhanced the levels a bit and cleaned some noises.
Additionaly, the bootleg CD features "Too Hot To Stop" in its single version, a better one, with much more keyboards. So I have included the original album version (not my rip) as bonus.
I guess you won't find a better version of "Dancing With Danger" than this one.

01 - Dancing With Danger
02 - Comin' True
03 - You're Not The Only One
04 - Don't Let Her Leave You
05 - Midnight Love
06 - Underground
07 - Too Hot Too Stop
08 - Night Writer
09 - Leave Me Alone
10 - Have It Your Way
11 - Too Hot To Stop [different version]

Kenny Shields - Vocals
Daryl Gutheil - Keyboards
Spider (Ken Sinnaeve) - Bass
Jeff Neill - Guitars
Billy Carmassi - Drums

STREETHEART - Dancing With Danger


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