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TIM KARR - Everybody Bleeds (1998)

TIM KARR - Everybody Bleeds (1998)
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Canadian rocker Tim Karr released back in 1989 a really cool Rock FM album entitled 'Rubbin' Me The Right Way' on a major label.

He toured with Richard Marx and Vixen, but after a couple of years he (and the mentioned acts) was dropped by the record company.
Besides, a conflicting relationship with his manager took years to dissolve, and Karr basically started over.
But Tim keep writing and recording songs for a new album, which was released independently as "Everybody Bleeds".
His style is a rockier mix of FM oriented Classic Rock with some bluesy edge.
Think Bon Jovi circa 'These Days' blended with Nelson '90s material, Johnny Lima, and a bit of Quireboys here and there.

"Jaded" opens the album in a big, bluesy rockin' mood, with a catchy chorus and nice guitars.
"Out Of The Blue" is a cover of the old Roxy Music tune, that shows his influences. A very good version featuring John Taylor (Duran Duran, Solo) on guitar.
The ballad "Price Of Love" has an awesome and vibrant feel, emotional and deep, complete with an orchestra. A brilliant lost gem ignored on many playlists.
"Aquarius" has a nice spirit, a very simple rocker but the chorus is infectious to death.
"Everybody Bleeds" is a crying blues with passionate vocals, a Bon Jovi-like chorus and a vintage organ throughout. A rocking, compelling ballad.

This is a catchy, genuine Rock 'N Roll album, mature, with a polished songwriting and powerful vibe.
The great vocals remain, with that snarl and a ton of attitude. Production is first class for an indie.
"Everybody Bleeds" is a grower, but after a repeated listens you'll love it.
Mega-Rare and Out Of Print.

01 - Jaded
02 - Out Of The Blue
03 - Price Of Love
04 - Aquarius Now
05 - The Drifter
06 - Comin' 2 U
07 - Everybody Bleeds
08 - Shape Of Things 2 Come
09 - Simple Pleasures
10 - Here, Loving You

Tim Karr: Vocals, Guitar
John Taylor: Guitar on 'Out Of The Blue'
Rest of Personnel: Unknown

TIM KARR - Everybody Bleeds


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Strippoli said...

I have an original copy and there are so many musicians on the album that is hard to report them all! I will just say that Karr plays bass on a few tracks, Jon E. Love (Love/Hate) plays guitar on a track and Hawk Lopez (Crown Of Thorns) and Charles Esposito (Sabu, Only Child) guest on a couple of tracks. Legendary organist Mike Finnigan guests on one track, while noted producer Jay Baumgardner is the organist on another one.

All the other players - so many - I never heard of before.

Strippoli said...

Curiously the only player Camelblue lists (bass man John Taylor of Duran Duran fame (oddly) on guitar! Maybe CB meant Andy?) is nowhere listed on the sleeve notes, on this track or anywhere else. An uncredited session? A total mistake?? I wonder which was CB source for the info........