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HOBIN - Keepin' The Dream Alive (1982)

Todd HOBIN - Keepin' The Dream Alive (1982)
Todd Hobin, from Syracuse, New York, has been around for a a while. Singer, guitarist and songwriter of his own band, Todd's first self titled release date from 1978.
He still performs with the original Todd Hobin Band and as solo artist, but stopped recording since 1985 when 'Turn It On" (already featured HERE on this blog) hit the stores.
Prior to this one, 1982's "Keepin' The Dream Alive" - released under his last name - also includes some nice AOR radio friendly tunes typical of the era.

Opens with pompy title track "Keepin' The Dream Alive", a solid track with good guitars, keys and a wonderful refrain. The inclusion of searing sax lines enhances the track greatly.
Next song "I Ain't Got No Money" is a little and inoffensive rocker that reminds me Robert Berry's Hush, but follower "Lost Without Your Love" is a very good AOR track with awesome harmony vocals, a catchy song that also features an interesting and original middle section instrumentation.
"How Do I Kiss You?" is more poppy AOR oriented but with an irresistible catchiness, polished sound and a hooky chorus.

On the convincing "Talkin' Like A Fool" Hobin sounds like Rick Springfield circa Working Class Dog, whilst "Jealousy" has an early Loverboy vibe. Both fine tracks.
"Tonight (I Wanna Be Lonely)" is a melodic semi-ballad with tuneful vocals by Hobin and candy-floss keyboards ala Franke & The Knockouts. Certainly a goodie.
The ethereal instrumental "Aria For K.T." (mixed with the main title "Keepin' The Dream Alive" reprise) precedes the Le Roux's influenced AOR of "No Words". This is a classy sounding and arranged slow tune that grows on you vividly.

"Keepin' The Dream Alive" is a pretty obscure album released through the indie label Aries Records including really good AOR songs mixed with some fine rock&pop numbers. In short; a typical lovely early 80's American Rock record.
It's nicely produced and very well performed and arranged, a truly enjoyable record.
Vinyl rip restored by myself some years ago (not with my present quality standards but sounds really good) including artwork.

01 - Keepin' The Dream Alive
02 - I Ain't Got No Money
03 - Lost Without Your Love
04 - How Do I Kiss You
05 - Let It Roll
06 - Talkin' Like A Fool
07 - Jealousy
08 - Tonight (I Wanna Be Lonely)
09 - Keepin' The Dream Alive (Reprise) + Aria For K.T.
10 - No Words

Todd Hobin: lead vocals, synths, guitar, piano, percussion
Doug Moncrief: Piano, synths, bass, backing vocals
Bruce Fowler: guitars, backing vocals
Shawn Hobin: drums, backing vocals
John Kane: tenor sax
Peter Mack: string bass
Vince Taft: percussion
Mark Doyle: bass, synth bass, clavinet, guitar, backing vocals, producer

HOBIN - Keepin' The Dream Alive


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Simplemente alucinante, mil gracias por compartir joyas como esta, creo que el músico lo vende en su web y me parece que no tardaré en comprarselo. Estupendo post, un sincero abrazo.